USPS Rounds Out Flags of Our Nation Stamp Series

Final Set of 10 Honors America’s Natural Charm

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The U.S. Postal Service concludes its Flags of Our Nation series today with the issuance of the last set of 10 stamp designs that feature the flags of Texas, Utah, Vermont, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and the Stars and Stripes. The new Forever stamps are on sale today in Post Offices nationwide, online at, and by calling 800-782-6724.

“In these images, we see the story of America its heritage and history, the ideals and aspirations of its people, the beauty and charm of its natural treasures,” said Drew Aliperto, the Postal Service’s Pacific area vice president of operations, who dedicated the stamps at the American Philatelic Society Stamp Show.

“Together, all of these stamps remind us of the diversity and unity that have shaped our country from its earliest days,” Aliperto said.

In addition to the official flag, each stamp design includes artwork that provides a snapshot view of the state or other areas represented by that flag. Art director Howard Paine collaborated with artist Tom Engeman on the 60 stamps in this series.

How to Order the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark

Customers have 60 days to obtain the first day of issue postmark by mail. They may purchase new stamps at the local Post Office, at The Postal Store website at, or by calling 800-STAMP-24. They should affix the stamps to envelopes of their choice, address the envelopes to themselves or others, and place them in a larger envelope addressed to:

Flags of Our Nation: Set 6 Stamps
2000 Royal Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95813-9998

After applying the first-day-of-issue postmark, the Postal Service will return the envelopes through the mail. There is no charge for the postmark. All orders must be postmarked by Oct. 11, 2012.

How to Order First-Day Covers

The Postal Service also offers first-day covers for new stamp issues and Postal Service stationery items postmarked with the official first-day-of-issue cancellation. Each item has an individual catalog number and is offered in the quarterly “USA Philatelic” catalog. Customers may request a free catalog by calling 800-STAMP-24 or writing to:

Information Fulfillment
Dept. 6270
U.S. Postal Service
PO Box 219014
Kansas City, MO 64121-9014

Philatelic Products

There are four philatelic products available for this stamp issue:

  • 788663, First-Day Cover, Set of 10, $8.90
  • 788667, First-Day-of-Sale, Set of 10, $8.90
  • 788668, Digital Color Postmark Set of 10, $16.00
  • 788691, Ceremony Program (random sample), $6.95