Union responds to NH politician’s delayed mail accusation

The New Hampshire Labor News followed up on the claim of a right wing New Hampshire politician that his political mailings had been delayed by “unionized postal employees”. According to employees at the plant, the politician didn’t get his mail to the plant on time for processing.

I spoke with Chris Howe, the president of the APWU local 230 at the Goffs Falls Road mail processing plant. He told me in a phone interview that, “after he heard about the post he immediately went to research what exactly happened.” I asked what the standard delivery is for this type of mail. Howe stated, “It is a two day turn around if it is dropped off at the post off by a certain cutoff time”. Howe continued, “The Speaker’s mail was not received by the USPS in time to be processed that day”. Due to the fact that it was not was able to be processed in the same day moved the delivery date back one day. Howe re-iterated that “the Speaker’s mail was processed and delivered without any delay and with the same high level of service people expect from the USPS”.

In my research I also found that to tamper with the mail is not only wrong but it is a Federal Offense that could lead to a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in federal prison.

These claims are completely false and the Speaker is only trying to promote his anti-union agenda as he is campaigning for re-election. The USPS workers have served our nation for over 225 years, and is still the best in the world.

Now obviously, the APWU President is not an unbiased source here. But he’s correct in pointing out that what this politician is alleging is a serious federal crime. I don’t know what the law is in New Hampshire, but it seems to me that when a senior constitutional officer of the state announces that he has been the victim of a serious federal crime, he has a responsibility to immediately turn over the evidence to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and cooperate in the investigation. So far, it appears that all O’Brien has done is post accusations on his Facebook page.

The Speaker needs to put up or shut up apologize.

I’m betting he’ll do neither.

Update: The Concord Monitor has confirmed that Speaker O’Brien has not filed an official complaint of any kind:

Although House Speaker Bill O’Brien has accused Manchester post office workers of intentionally delaying his political fliers, he has not filed a complaint with postal inspectors, an inspection official said yesterday.

Agapi Doulaveris, a spokeswoman for the national Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Postal Service, said her office investigates all allegations of mail mishandling misconduct against postal employees. She said yesterday the office had received no complaints involving O’Brien’s claims.

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