USPS third quarter service, customer experience scores exceed targets

From USPS News Link:

For the second consecutive quarter, service performance and customer experience measurement (CEM) scores have improved.

The Postal Service had its best quarter on record for overnight, 2-day and 3- to 5-day First-Class Mail delivery. And service scores for presorted commercial mail exceeded targets in all three service standards.

In a presentation to the USPS Board of Governors, Chief Operations Officer Megan Brennan reported that the combined performance score for overnight First-Class Mail (97.1 percent) exceeded the target of 96.7 percent and also beat the performance established at the same point during the previous fiscal year. Similarly, service performance scores for 2-day and 3- to 5-day deliveries consistently exceeded targets and improved on scores from a year ago.

Brennan said overall CEM scores also showed improvement over the same period in 2011. The third quarter score for residential customers improved to 88.7 percent, more than 1.5 points higher than a year ago. And more than 84 percent of small and medium business customers surveyed expressed appreciation for the service they received from employees, exceeding levels reported for the same period last year.

Brennan’s report came on the same day Acting Chief Financial Officer Steve Masse announced a continuing decline in First-Class Mail volume and overall revenue. But Brennan, Masse and other members of the USPS leadership emphasized the important contributions employees are making to point the Postal Service in a positive direction.

“We are going through significant consolidations and changes to the way we do business,” said Board of Governors Chairman Thurgood Marshall Jr. “Even in the midst of these changes, our employees have demonstrated their commitment to performance, to customers and to delivering excellent service.”

PMG Pat Donahoe said that in spite of negative financial news, “We will continue to deliver the mail, we will pay our employees and pay our suppliers.” He added the Postal Service’s financial problems are the result of an “inflexible business model” that action by Congress can improve.

Congressional action is part of the Postal Service’s 5-year comprehensive business plan, which also includes steps USPS has the flexibility to pursue on its own. USPS already is implementing a new operating model for rural Post Offices, as well as consolidation of network facilities and delivery units. The plan also addresses revenue growth, such as the increase in shipping services and the growth of Every Door Direct Mail.

Donahoe said that even during challenging times, employees take pride in their service mission and that he’s grateful for their efforts. “We never forget for a moment that their commitment and hard work make the whole organization function every day,” he said.

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