PostScan Mail, Inc: New Service Contributes to the “Paperless” Society

Press release:

PostScan Mail uses the power of the Internet to give subscribers the ability to manage every item of their postal mail through an easy-to-use online interface.

PostScan Mail is a new service that brings the impossible dream of a “paperless” society a little closer to reality. Every day, individuals and businesses are inundated with reams of paper in the form of physical, postal mail. Every day, the United States Postal Service processes about 550 million pieces of mail. That’s 23 million pieces every hour and 384,000 items each minute. No wonder companies and households are drowning in paper.

The advanced PostScan Mail system provides each subscriber with a unique U.S. street address for receiving postal mail. When letters or packages arrive at this address, PostScan Mail staff scans the front of an envelope or a package’s address label and sends an e-mail alert to the stated recipient. Recipients can then review the scanned image remotely, online, and decide what should be done with the item within their online mailbox. They may choose to save it, have it forwarded to another address, or scrap it entirely. Scanning mail images before actually receiving the physical item is of real benefit to enterprises that handle large numbers of mailed documents or payments. And individuals welcome the fact that they no longer have to spend time cleaning up the clutter of accumulated junk mail.

PostScan Mail takes care of both documents and package deliveries. Recipients can store mail and package items for 30 days at the PostScan Mail facility at no cost. If a longer storage period is required, it is available for a small monthly fee per item. And as long as the account remains active, subscribers receive free access to all of their scanned content. The sophisticated PostScan Mail application allows stored scans to be sorted into separate folders, e-mailed as attachments, downloaded to a computer, and deleted when they are no longer required. Other useful services offered by PostScan Mail include mail shredding and recycling and a check deposit service.

Because mail is received at a PostScan Mail facility, important deliveries are never missed because no one was at the mailing address to receive them. Subscribers can be assured that all of their deliveries will be received and stored securely and safely, with their convenience in mind.

Maybe the paperless society isn’t so impossible after all.