Member’s web site raises questions about APWU finances

Earlier this week the “21st Century Postal Worker”, an independent message exchange web site for APWU members, posted allegations of financial wrongdoing by some union officials. The posting was removed at the request of APWU lawyers, who insisted that the charges were unfounded, but the controversy continues.

Having acceded to the union’s request, the site’s owner, Randy Zelznick, an APWU member from Philadelpha, asked the union’s counsel to provide documentation that the charges were false. When, according to Zelznick, that didn’t happen, he asked the attorney to answer some more specific questions about the allegations. That prompted a letter from APWU counsel demanding that Zelznick retain any correspondence, emails, documents, etc., related to the accusations.

You can read the email exchange at the web site.

Stay tuned…

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