Major USPS financial system upgrade starts next week

From USPS News Link:

USPS has scheduled a major software upgrade of its national financial system that will impact payments and reporting for a period from Aug. 9 through Aug. 27. The software upgrade is scheduled to occur from the evening of Aug. 9 through Aug. 20. Catch-up processing will be performed from Aug. 20 through Aug. 27.

During the upgrade period, Finance will not be able to complete certain financial processes — including supplier payments, contract processing, employee travel reimbursements and some basic record-keeping activities. Also, up-to-date reports normally available in the Accounting Project in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) will not be available until Aug. 28, after the upgrade and catch-up processing are completed.

Payroll processing and eFlash, also known as “Flash,” reports are not affected by the upgrade. However, eTravel reimbursements will not be generated during the upgrade period. To avoid any delay in receiving reimbursement for official travel, file Travel Expense Reports in eTravel promptly.

Acting CFO Steve Masse said to lessen the risk of delayed payments, managers and supervisors should immediately certify and process invoices they receive up to Aug. 7. Employees also should assure suppliers that any payment delay is temporary and coordinate planned contract activities with Supply Management to avoid interruptions the upgrade may cause.

“Our goal is to minimize the impact of the upgrade on our internal stakeholders and our suppliers,” said Masse. “Supply Management is notifying our supplier community about the upgrade and will explain the potential for short-term impacts to contract actions and payments.”

via USPS News Link Story – Financial system upgrade.