GOP continues vendetta against public sector workers with tax delinquent bill

Here we go again. House Republicans are set to satisfy another of their nasty obsessions- vilifying public sector workers. This time it’s another try at passing a law that would require the federal government to fire employees who don’t pay their income tax:

The House is voting on legislation that would require agencies to fire federal workers classified as “seriously delinquent” on their tax debts.

The Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act (H.R. 828), introduced by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, also would prevent the government from hiring workers who are late on their tax payments. Workers would be given a chance to demonstrate they are starting to pay off their debt.

Now there’s certainly something to be said for holding federal employees accountable. But why stop there? Why not apply the same logic to everyone? Maybe they could tie it into one of their other obsessions- immigrants! You could have a computer system that verifies an individual’s immigration and tax status at the same time! Behind on your taxes? Sorry- you’re fired!

As we pointed out the last time this bill came up, the vast majority of delinquent income taxes are owed by people who work in the private sector:

But that’s probably the reason the GOP likes to target federal workers: they are a very small minority of the population, and the perception is that they are doing better than the average American. It would be reprehensible to target an ethnic group this way, but it seems perfectly acceptable to target federal workers.

Of course, if your Presidential candidate is a serial tax dodger who stashes his cash in Swiss bank accounts while he’s bankrupting American companies and shipping their jobs overseas, it’s handy to find a minority group you can attack, and divert attention from the real delinquents.

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