USPS to contract out California Motor Vehicle Services, eliminate over 700 jobs

739 APWU Drivers/Dispatch Clerks in California to be involuntarily reassigned

Postings on 21st Century Postal Worker, an independent discussion forum devoted to APWU issues reveal that the US Postal Service intends to contract out all Motor Vehicle Service positions in California, eliminating over 700 jobs. The USPS intends to involuntarily reassign the employees who currently hold those jobs to other assignments as clerks, mail handlers, custodians, or other vacant positions.

In a letter sent to the APWU in June, the USPS says the move is necessary because “legislation approved in 2008 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires significant reduction in vehicle emissions”, and “The Postal Service does not currently have the equipment necessary to comply with the legislation, nor the capital available to purchase vehicles at the rate required for compliance with the law.”

The letter doesn’t explain why it took four years for the USPS to realize it was unable to comply. The June letter also notifies the APWU that “No significant impact to the bargaining unit is anticipated.”

Despite that assurance, the USPS notified the APWU last week that it would be eliminating over 700 APWU represented motor vehicle jobs, and involuntarily reassigning the affected employees.

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