Foote: Reduced Postal Services Unacceptable

Member of Parliament for Random-Burin-St. George’s NL, Judy Foote, says the decision to cut Saturday postal service in Belleoram, English Harbour West and Port au Port, three communities in Random-Burin-St. George’s, is further proof of the Conservative government’s failure to understand the importance of these services to rural Canada.

“In many small towns and communities throughout Canada, people rely on Canada Post outlets to send and receive parcels and letters. As well, these outlets provide services for other government departments that don’t have a presence in the community. While those in urban centres have access to postal services as well as courier services if needed, those in small communities are dependant on the post office to provide the services they need,” said Foote.

“Someone who chooses to live in a rural community should not be treated any differently than someone who lives in an urban area.”

“I wrote the Minister expressing my objection to this decision,” said Foote. “Despite the Conservatives stated moratorium on the closure of rural post offices, and the Harper government’s promise to continue to improve the quality of life in rural Canada, it is obvious we are watching yet another broken promise. By gradually reducing the hours of operation, the Conservatives hope they will eventually be able to close Canada Post outlets in rural communities without any public outcry.”

via Judy Foote | MP for Random-Burin-St.George’s.