Arbitrator orders Los Angeles DM to apologize for failing to act against abusive supervisor

From 21st Century Postal Worker:

Postal Service “Zero Tolerance Policy” Arbitration Award

This is an excellent win for all postal workers! NALC in Los Angeles went to arbitration concerning an abusive supervisor and the zero tolerance policy.

The USPS had already fired the supervisor after the Union filed this grievance and the removal was upheld in MSPB. But the arbitrator goes after the Los Angeles District Manager for their lack of enforcing their own “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy. The district Manager has to now do a written apology to the employees at the Redondo Beach Office and, in addition, has to go there and apologize to each person for not taking any action sooner.

Notice the date of the hearing and the award are both July 13, 2012.

NALC Arbitration Award – F06N-4F-C 10264533 – July 13, 2012 [pdf]

Via Louis M. Kingsley Jr.
California State Maintenance Craft Director
Arbitration / Staffing Advocate