NAPUS: House GOP throws in the towel on postal reform

From the National Association of Postmasters of the US:

Apparently, the House Republican leadership has thrown in the towel in attempting to bring up H.R. 2309, the Issa-Ross postal bill, prior to the summer recess. (The summer recess extends from August 4 through September 9.)

Depending on who you ask, the following reasons have been offered for deferring action on H.R 2309:

  • The GOP leadership does not believe that the bill has enough support to pass, or remain intact through the amendment process
  • The GOP leadership does not want to reserve prolonged floor time for a controversial bill
  • The GOP  leadership does not deem HR 2309 to be a legislative priority
  • The GOP leadership does not want to subject vulnerable GOP Members of Congress to politically difficult votes only three months prior to the election
  • All of the above.

The political and legislative calendar does not improve in the fall. In September, the House is scheduled to be in session for only eight days, with a stop-gap government spending bill and politically-charged pre-election measures dominating the landscape. There is potential for a postal bill being considered in a post-election lame-duck session; however, the presidential and congressional elections will determine whether such a session will tackle postal legislation in 2012, or delay a bill until 2013. Only time and the general election returns will tell.