Arbitrator upholds firing of Canada Post worker for offensive Facebook posts

An arbitrator has upheld the firing of a thirty one year Canada Post employee for threatening and offensive comments she posted on Facebook. In addition to using obscene language to describe supervisors, the employee made comments like ““DIE BITCH DIE,” and “WRONG AGAIN BITCH you gonna be the one missing PERMANENTLY”, which prompted the targeted supervisor to contact the police.

Most of the posts were made from the employee’s home, but some were made from her cell phone while she was at work. The employee claimed that she didn’t realize the comments were public, and thought that only her friends could see them. The arbitrator found that argument unconvincing, since some of her Facebook friends were also Canada Post employees. He also dismissed the employee’s claim that she was drunk when she posted the comments.

The arbitrator also found that the employee’s lack of remorse precluded her from being reinstated.