USPS lists over 4,600 post offices to be upgraded under POStPlan

From the League of Postmasters:

The Postal Service has provided the list of offices that will be upgraded to level 18 under the POStPlan process. Each incumbent Postmaster will receive a letter from the Postal Service informing them of this upgrade. Salary raises will follow current Postal Service policy. Postmasters whose salary is not at the minimum of a level 18 will be slotted in at the minimum of the level 18 pay scale. Postmasters above the minimum salary of the level 18 will receive a 2 percent raise. Click the link below to view the list as a Google Docs spreadsheet:


Note: the list is sorted by area and district. To quickly find an individual office or district, click “Edit” on the menu, then “Find and Replace”. If more than one item matches your search, clicking the “Find” button again will take you to the next match.