APWU Statement on USPS Announcement About Rural Post Offices

The APWU is continuing to analyze the Postal Service’s May 9 announcement that it will allow rural post offices to remain open, but with reduced hours.

“We support efforts to preserve service to the American people,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “In fact, we believe the long-term survival of the Postal Service depends on expanding service and offering new products.

“We applaud the proposal to allow greater community input on rural postal services and to keep offices open, but we are disappointed by the decision to reduce hours at these offices.

“The outpouring of interest in USPS plans demonstrates the importance of the Postal Service to our nation. It also demonstrates the importance of maintaining the service standards the American people have come to expect.

“Unfortunately, the Postal Service’s latest plan will not solve the USPS financial crisis, and it is important to note that 223 mail processing facilities remain in jeopardy.

“Only Congress can restore financial stability to the USPS by relieving the agency of the unreasonable requirement to pre-fund 75 years worth of healthcare benefits for future retirees in a 10-year period.

“It is imperative that the House act quickly to consider postal reform. We believe the appropriate starting point for discussion is the bill that was approved by the Senate on April 25.

“We urge House leaders to begin debate on the Senate bill.”

via APWU Statement on USPS Announcement About Rural Post Offices.