Postmaster Pay Package for FY 2011-2015 Announced


Postmasters to receive an important nationwide announcement this evening, with details to follow tomorrow.

Today, the Postal Service announced a final Postmaster Pay Package for FY- 2011-2015. After spending more time consulting on the extended pay talks than was spent on the original consultation process, improvements to the previously announced package were achieved. While the original pay package offered no assurances for PFP rating applications to salaries, the new package provides assurances for PFP rating applications to salaries in Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015. PFP rating applications to salaries in FY 2013 will be subject to the Postal Service’s compensation practices throughout the United States economy.

The revised pay package provides for a 9% increase in contributions towards the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHP) plan over a 3 year period, as opposed to a 9% increase over a two year period in the original package. Details on the pay package can be found here PMPayPackage2011_2015

An important nationwide announcement will be made to all Postmasters this evening, with details to be provided tomorrow. Please check Breaking News on the NAPUS website for information as it becomes available tomorrow. Please check the NAPUS website on the Breaking News link.

Charlie Moser
May 8, 2011