May 15th is Approaching, So What Happens Next?

From the National Postal Mail Handlers Union

As we approach the deadline of May 15, 2012 on the Postal Service’s self-imposed moratorium on closings and consolidations, there is much uncertainty as to what happens next.

The Postal Service has indicated that there will be “no wholesale big changes” on May 15. That is a quote from the PMG.

There may be some closings and/or consolidations over the next couple of months, but the Postal Service has indicated that it will not make any changes during the Fall mailing season. We also do not yet have an accurate listing of plants that may still be on the chopping block, but we’ve asked for that information, and will circulate it once it is finalized.

Indications are that the latest list of 250 or so closings will be pared down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 120. This means that many of the plants that were on the original list of 250 may now be spared (at least for now). We expect that many of those 120 plants would be smaller facilities, but we just don’t know yet.

What about an early out? That too is still up in the air, as the Postal Service does not appear ready to make a final decision on its Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) until the agency knows which plants may close or be consolidated, and how many employees that may affect. And, as always, the Postal Service has to negotiate about the VERA with the Union before it can be implemented.

Please stay tuned, and continue to check our web site for the latest information. In other words, when we know something, you will know something.