Consolidations on hold? has a link to an article in an Illinois APWU newsletter that suggests that the USPS may be holding off on some planned consolidations until Congress finalizes postal reform legislation. When (if?) that will happen is anyone’s guess at this point- the bill that passed the Senate yesterday has no chance of House passage in its present form. Likewise, the bill proposed by Darrell Issa in the House would never pass the Senate- and it’s far from certain that the House would approve it.

But given that the Senate measure would postpone many of the postal service’s planned cutbacks, the PMG may not want to risk the ire of Senators by plunging ahead with plans he might have to reverse down the road.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the Northwest Illinois Area Local’s newsletter, dated Tuesday, April 24:

USPS puts Optimization Plans on "Hold"

Employees are by now aware that the staffing changes planned for 5-19-12 are on hold. Carol Stream In-Plant Manager John Colao stopped canvassing for tour 2 retreat rights and has not issued any abolishment letters at CS. CS will continue to get Fox Valley LO-11 mail. Palatine Plant Manager Chuck Sciurba called me on 4-19-12 to confirm that the changes are on hold per Headquarters and no staffing changes will occur on 5-19-12. He confirmed that all Palatine abolishment letters will be rescinded. The consolidation of Chicago PARS mail to Palatine is also on hold. The reason that USPS has placed optimization plans on hold is because the Senate is discussing S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act. The 79 amendments submitted as of 4-19-12 have been reduced to 39. There is talk of an early out being offered but no official announcement.

Needless to say, this is just one plant- but assuming the report is accurate, it’s unlikely that Carol Stream is the only facility putting its plans on hold.

via The Local Line.