McCain opposes S.1789 because Twitter is like the railroads

The Hill reports that Senator John McCain, in a floor speech that went on for nearly twenty minutes yesterday, suggested that Twitter is replacing the postal service the way the railroads replaced the pony express:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) said Tuesday that the U.S. Postal Service needs adapt to 21st century technologies in the same way it did when Americans started moving by rail.

“We now have the ability to communicate with each other without sitting down with pen and paper, just as we had the ability to transfer information and knowledge by means of the railroad rather than the pony express,” McCain said.

The Hill has video of some of McCain’s remarks, including the part where they trail off as he apparently searches his pockets looking for his Blackberry. It’s all somewhat reminiscent of his appearance on Face the Nation last year when he analyzed the postal service thusly:

“The Post Office- a model of inefficiency- horse and buggies in days of when Internets and communications have basically replacing it more and more uh we have to go after the sacred cows”

Yes, that’s an exact quote from a man who was actually nominated to be President!

via Comparing Twitter to the railroad, McCain opposes postal reform bill – The Hill's Video.