As Senate passes bipartisan postal bill, Issa heckles from the sidelines

Regardless of what you think of the postal reform bill just passed by the Senate, it was at least refreshing to see members of both parties working together to come up with a workable compromise. So does that suggest the same kind of reasoned discussion in the House? Don’t bet on it.

While the Senate was running through the list of amendments to S. 1789, the architect of the House version of postal “reform”, Darrel Issa, was tweeting up a storm of partisan potshots:




There were more, along the same lines. Of course wind farms and seniors’ junk mail have precious little to do with the USPS’s problems, but they’re a lot more entertaining than plans to dismantle the USPS, fire postal workers, and eliminate their unions. So don’t get used to deliberation and compromise- once the bill heads to the House, the discourse will be back to the level of schoolboys in the back row giggling about spitballs: