NAPUS: Senate Red-Letter Day Tomorrow

If all goes according to schedule, tomorrow, the Senate will vote on about 40 amendments to S. 1789, the Lieberman-Collins-Carper-Brown postal relief bill. Today, the Senate resumes discussion on the underlying bill, as well as on many of the proposed amendments. For the convenience of NAPUS members who intend to  follow the deliberations and want to record their Senators’ votes, the NAPUS Government Relations Department has prepared a NAPUS Vote Tally Sheet for S. 1789. It includes the 40 amendments , a one-line description of each one, and the amendments are listed in the order that we believe that they will be considered. Click here to download NAPUS Tally Sheet.

Last night, NAPUS State Legislative Chairs participated in an hour-long telephone conference to prioritize the 40 amendments and sharpen the Postmasters’ message to the U.S. Senate, and alert our national grassroots network.  In addition, this morning, all 100 Senators received a letter from NAPUS President Robert Rapoza that outlines NAPUS’ position on the underlying bill, our support of  the managers’ amendment, and our views on amendments important to Postmasters.  Click here to download NAPUS letter to the Senate.

One of the most crucial amendments the Senate will consider will be the first one — SA 2001 (the McCain Substitute). NAPUS is strongly urging Senators to OPPOSE the  amendment.

We expect that the votes will begin tomorrow (Tuesday, April 24), after 2:00 PM EDT.  NAPUS members may view the Senate deliberation on C-SPAN 2, or via live-stream at