NAPUS: Senate Leaders Agree to Begin Voting on S.1789 Next Week

Postmasters Anxiously Await News on Pay Consultations, Voluntary Early Retirements (VERs) and Rumors.

A deafening silence has led to an increase in the level of anxiety for Postmasters as they wait for news on pay consultations, Voluntary Early Retirements (VERs), incentives, and rumors. NAPUS leaders will continue to meet with USPS officials on many of these issues next week. NAPUS President Bob Rapoza asked NAPUS members to remain patient and assured them that progress is being made on pay talks, with the ultimate goal of achieving fair and equitable compensation for Postmasters.

Discussions on VERs, incentives and many other issues are ongoing, but there is nothing that we can report at this time. We cannot comment on the rumors being spread throughout the Postal Service, but NAPUS members are advised to check the NAPUS website and official USPS news sources for factual information. It’s important for everyone to realize that NAPUS leaders are currently engaged in discussions with postal leaders on a variety of issues and you will be provided with detailed information as soon as it can be officially released.

An important development concerning postal legislation occurred just hours ago, as Senate leaders agreed to begin voting on S.1789 (21st Century Postal Service Act) next week. This is a significant step and you can find details on what’s in the bill, including what you should know about the many amendments the bill contains. For more information on S.1789, please go to Legislative News on the NAPUS website.

Charlie Moser

April 20, 2012

via NAPUS.