S. 1789 to proceed to Senate Floor for Debate, Consideration, and a Eventually a Vote

The League of Postmasters reports that S. 1789 will get a cloture vote today, which clears the way for the Senate to debate and vote on the measure:

Both parties in the Senate have reached an agreement to reconsider the cloture vote today, April 17, on the motion to proceed to S.1789 that failed a little less than a month ago. Following routine morning business, the motion to proceed to the motion to reconsider the vote by which cloture was not invoked on the motion to proceed to S.1789 will be taken up, and the agreement is that the motion to reconsider will be agreed to.

This will start around 11 a.m., with the vote around 11:10. It will be cable and web cast on CSPAN 2. That means that S. 1789 will go to the Senate floor today for debate and ultimately for a vote on passage. Debate will surely last several days, or more.

Initially, there will be a managers amendment in the nature of a substitute bill. This will strike all the language of S. 1789 and replace it with the language of the managers amendment. That amendment includes most of the text of S. 1789 but adds some measures, deletes others, and changes still others. You can see the managers amendment in the nature of a substitute here. Once the managers amendment passes, the amended bill will be the subject of the debate. Many amendments are expected.