NAPUS: Senate Takes Up Bipartisan Postal Legislation

Slightly before noontime, the Senate voted to bring up S. 1789, the Lieberman-Collins-Carper-Brown postal relief. The vote was 74-22, 14 votes more than necessary to invoke “cloture”.

The Senate is conducting general debate on postal reform and will proceed to consider amendments, the first being the “managers’ substitute” that will be filed by Senators Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins, Tom Carper and Scott Brown. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Lieberman outlined and explained the provisions that were to be included in the amendment to NAPUS legislative activists at NAPUS’ recent Leadership Conference. In part, the amendment make changes to S. 1789 that would strengthen the protection of community post offices and provide the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) with authority to overrule a USPS post office closing decisions; permit Medicare-eligible retired postal retirees the opportunity — not requirement — to enroll in a new less expensive FEHBP option to complement Medicare coverage, rather than duplicate it; maintain overnight mail delivery in many regions; and create opportunities for postal innovation, making better use of USPS assets. NAPUS reviewed the provisions in the amendment and has communicated its support to members of the Senate.

After voting on the managers’ substitute, individual Senators will offer additional amendments. NAPUS will carefully review each of these amendments and share our views with Senators regarding them.

via NAPUS.