Postmaster general supports ‘practically everything’ in draconian Issa-Ross bill

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

DonahoeMarch 27, 2012 — Should we call H.R. 2309 the Issa-Ross (So-Called) Postal Reform Bill—or could we realistically call it the Issa-Donahoe (So-Called) Postal Reform Bill?

Today, during a hearing of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was asked by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) about Donahoe’s support for elements of the service-destroying, job-killing Issa-Ross postal reform bill, H.R. 2309.

In response, the postmaster general admitted that he supports “practically everything in the bill.”

Amash: Chairman Ross and Chairman Issa wrote a comprehensive postal reform bill last year that was passed by the subcommittee and the full Oversight Committee. It is full of cost-saving measures that will revitalize the Postal Service. What parts of H.R. 2309 does the Postal Service support?

Donahoe: We support the FERS refund. We support the ability to move and consolidate the network. We support the ability to move to consolidate from six-day to five-day delivery. Practically everything in the bill, we are in support.

[Click here to watch this exchange on YouTube. It occurs about 3 minutes and 13 seconds into the video.]

“It’s disappointing that the postmaster general—who is tasked with ensuring the health of USPS and should be focused on growing and expanding the Postal Service—would so readily embrace legislation that threatens to dismantle USPS piece-by-piece and that has very little support in the House,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said.

Click here to read the NALC’s Fact Sheet on our many problems with H.R. 2309.

“Congress needs to do its part to create legislation that will strengthen and improve the U.S. Postal Service as an essential component of American infrastructure,” Rolando said. “Unfortunately, the Issa-Ross bill would do neither. It would, in fact, degrade and destroy the USPS.”

  • Disgrunted Clerk

    How did this jerk even get the job?

  • Chuck Zlatkin

    Postmaster General Patrick R. Donohoe should be fired immediately for violating his oath of office and for dereliction of duty. Donohoe was emasculated by Issa in his first appearance before the committee, and has been currying favor with Issa ever since. Donahoe doesn’t give a damn about the customers who are dependent upon the Postal Service or the employees he supposedly leads. Donohoe Must Go!

  • Fire the PMG!

    This is crazy! Donafool is trying to destroy the USPS!

  • georgb

    ever hear of marvin runyon who said if your not touching the mail or delivering it you could be eliminated close 35 more district offices and save 5 billion a year leaving 35 still open same as ups

  • Andy 1972

    I read a lot of complaining but do any of you have viable ideas that will work ? I didn’t think so. Just a lot of complaining. If you put something viable down in this blog it will be read and may have a chance of saving some jobs. By the way the $5B in savings by closing 35 district offices is incorrect math and not even close. Too many 000’s. The savings would be roughly $525M. You’d need to think some more georgb but at least you tried.

  • Verity

    The first comment about a restaurant chain’s reaction to a down market is totally irrelevant. If Congress mandated they could not close any rural locations, even those losing money, that corporation would have already filed for bankruptcy. Throw in burger flippers making $50,000 a year plus benefits and imagine what your Big Mac and fries would cost today? But don’t forget a different union of fry droppers and another for lot cleaners, all with lucrative positions for members.
    Instead they are free to add to the dollar menu to entice folks back to spend some money. The USPS can only be a union business with either government backing (think GM) or limited business coverage areas (think UPS). Either way, the network is way too big and will need to downsize to current mail volume, which continues to shrink.

  • craft director

    I thought the Mr. Donahoe wad bluffing the congress …. nit anymore. He is is a stooge for Issa and Ross.

  • Patrick Douglas

    They should call this the “Issa-hoe” bill. Somebody the (Post Office), the postal workers, and the American public are getting Screwed!

  • Fred

    So thats our “CEO” standing up for the PO. Why doesn’t he get a pair and lay into these clowns.

  • Art

    Maybe its just that he is Issa’s “Dona hoe”

  • craft director

    Andy…I am sorry to say that decisions have been made and are set in stone. No matter how dumbbell managements decisions are they seldom reverse course until the damage is done.

  • johnb

    The PMG has told Congress we have enough $$$s to last until Oct 2013…So don’t expect anything to get done ’til after the election…Whichever side wins will make a big difference in the fate of the USPS…

  • Vinnie


  • bob komar


  • The Coach

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it hundreds of times… FOLLOW THE MONEY! Darrell ISSA and his Al-quaida connected cousins have a scheme to make a buck out of the dismantling of the USPS and they just bought DONAHOE!