Video: Arizona woman blames post office for losing 10 packages

MARICOPA, AZ – Victoria DiFranco flew to Cleveland last October to be by her sister’s side before she died of cancer.

After the funeral, DiFranco mailed several packages from Ohio to her home in Maricopa filled with irreplaceable memories.

“Family pictures, family heirlooms. It’s stuff that was important to my family,” DiFranco said.

But DiFranco said 10 of the boxes she sent never got delivered. She called the U.S. Postal Service office to find out what happened.

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  • John715

    Insurance should be for breakage. Post office should not be losing packages. My friend sent two priority packages to her son. The first in to Afghanistan and the second a couple of months ago to Germany. Both packages never arrived.

  • junie

    I want to remind everyone of the millions of pieces of mail, including packages that do get to their destinations safely and on time. While I know there are some failures, something about this story and TEN packages sounds funny – like there was some other problem beyond a failure by the USPS.

  • Kim2966

    Once packages reach the military post offices, the USPS is pretty much out of the picture. The military is the one that takes the packages the extra mile and we cannot control that.

  • John Henry

    In my district we are under orders to leave all parcels unless a signature is required. The customer stated she had insured the parcels, I am assuming it was for under $200 so no signature was required but there should still be a scan. My first guess would be they were delivered and then stolen.

  • postman

    yeah ive had same problem, i mailed 1.9 million dollars so i didnt have to haul it home and i never got it.

  • Freshman

    Its so funny. Yes, sometime happened. But I don’t believe 10 parcels gonna lost. Anything must be scaned. I am sorry to heard that.

  • hrdcorefan

    FedEx is responsible for the transport of Express Mail and Priority Mail for the United States Postal Service.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    I’m a clerk and Mr.Postman I guess the same thing happened to my buy out letter as happened to 1.9 million — Dam it.

  • Honest Eight

    I had a parcel of 1.9 million dollars sent to me incorrectly. haha…..all TEN parcels lost? Our fault? ya

  • postman

    hey honest eight, you found my cash. just put it through forwarding for me im sure i will get it right away. be on the lookout for mrs reeves buyout so she can get away from this mess.. thanks alot!!