NALC: Senate could vote on S. 1789 Monday

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

S. 1789 could come up Monday: An amended version of S. 1789 – which the NALC has not yet seen – appears headed for consideration on the floor of the Senate as early as Monday. Based on what little we know right now, the expectation is that the amendments still do not go far enough toward addressing the major problems we have with this deeply flawed legislation. The NALC is prepared to mobilize members to oppose any measure that includes language jeopardizing a day of mail delivery service.

via NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • jim orlando

    the fact that the studies have been done in a hurry and we find out the loses will be more than the gains. we should stop the closings take a step back and study and do the right thing . to improve service not destroy it.

  • reagan

    Fred, figure out how to get a buy out for letter carriers who wnat to go, and make room for others to land, your days of conventions in Hawaii are over,which most of your union body could not attend.

  • Honest Eight

    Don’t forget to fight just as hard, if not harder to keep the SS supplement and to keep our pension alive along with 6 day. If you took a vote from your career rank and file, 6 day delivery would rank third in your list priorities to fight for. SAVE OUR PENSION AND SUPPLEMENTS!!!!!

  • Larry

    There has been plenty of time for a study, take all the overtime and stop griping, love the USPS

  • dougie

    I don’t know about your office, but in my office 99% of us want 5 day delivery. Most people took the 6 day petition and threw it away. Buyouts would open up positions for the junior people and no job loss.5 day is the way.

  • Joe Smith

    I care more about the SS offset and keeping my pay and benefits, than 6 day delivery.

    Mail is going away regardless of the number of days we are open.

    Using that flawed logic we should start delivering mail on Sunday to increase volume. Sounds dumb? So does Saturday.

  • hrdcorefan

    Saturday delivery provides the USPS a competitive advantage over its package-delivery rivals.
    To be successful as a consumer-oriented business, the USPS should focus on making its products and services MORE available to its customers, not less. Dropping Saturday delivery would create a hole in the USPS’s current operations that would make customers have to wait a day, or more, to get their mail. It would also, for example, force customers who work during the week and who are not home to accept accountables/packages have to spend part of Saturday waiting in the pick-up line at the post office. It would inevitably cause customers to look to alternatives.
    Also, Reducing the frequency of service would also send a signal to customers that their needs and preferences no longer matter. It would reinforce the negative stereotype of the USPS as an inefficient government entity rather than a vital service oriented enterprise. Such a negative stereotype would not only dampen the public’s demand for postal services but would erode its support for the USPS as an institution.

  • family guy

    Oh my. Someone from the NALC finally spoke up. Are the big union guys worried that they might be losing the dues money. Personally I am sick and tired of the NALC’s lack of information to its membership. Now all of the sudden they speake. Well rolando. I for one will call m no phone call back.y congressman and let them know that 5 day is a good move. I have called our reps from NALC in Washington, tried to talk to someone in the legislation dept. Left name and number. At least 4 times. And no phone call back. Thanks for taking care of yourselves like congress takes care of themselves. Yes to 5 day delivery.

  • Flip

    Do us all a favor u two and quit then u can have 7 days off a week. Let someone else have a job that’s willing to work 6 days a week. Amazing to me the ignorance of what would happen if this disaster happens a downward spiral

  • Marv

    With all the congressional support and the support of the President to eliminate Saturday delivery how does NALC think they can win that battle? Secondly with the contract not settled that should be the first priority and as part of that priority NALC should be looking to get the best deal possible for those of us who will be forced to retire or be offered VERA’s. That includes added years of service and $$$.

  • Steve

    Dougie your an ass

  • Chris

    dougie………get your head out of your butt!!! Five day would pave the way for three days to maybe even two and hurt our job, lose volume and mailers and everything else goes by by!!! We have got to fight and constantly bombard our congressional guys to not vote on this this is all we can do at this level!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viper

    Chris you are the one with your head in your butt.
    Less mail is less mail.

    What happens at next mail count when 42 hour routes drop to 38 hours. We need those 8.2 hours on Saturday eliminated and consolidated into a five day week so routes can stay above 40 hours

  • Rick

    Hate to say it but Viper is correct! We are about to get inspected here in April/May. We will lose routes!

  • common sense

    so “Family Guy”- did you just wake up? The NALC has been “speaking up” on this for years- thanks for joining the rest of us! And because YOU want Saturday off, you think that the union should just hop in bed with management and endorse 5 day delivery? Even if thousands of carriers lose their jobs? We all know that THAT’s what you scabs mean when you talk about “dues money”. It’s easier for you than admitting that you don’t give a rats ass for anyone but yourself.

  • family guy

    Hey common sense. I know exactly what I am talking about. The union was once good. But New union is just rotten to the core. Not talking about union members at lower rank and files. But the higher ups. Ok common sense, just what do you know about our current contract negotiations. Go ahead and tell us all. The unions of past always did. I really am dissapointed that our current higher rank and file union officials are so secretive. And by the way. I pay my dues so, that give me the right to say what I want to say.

  • family guy

    By the way? Is that you, our rick?

  • Rick

    You would think that before the last election when a letter was sent to nalc HQ regarding the lack of support by members for Obama, the reply back that they didn’t care what the members wanted but would support(money) the candid

  • Rick

    Candidate that they thought was best for the union, would say something to you die hard union line guys that they don’t care what you think, they know better, sounds just like management to me

  • common sense

    I don’t know any more about the contract negotiations than anyone else does. And I don’t really see what difference it would make if I did. How is broadcasting every negotiating point going to help anyone? What I do know is what is obvious to anyone with a brain- an arbitrator will award a contract basically equivalent to what the APWU agreed to. The only thing the NALC can do at this point to change that is to do some horse trading on issues unique to letter carriers. You say you’re not criticizing “lower rank and files”, but they’re the ones who CHOOSE the leadership. It didn’t choose itself! If the leadership is so out of touch, where is the grassroots movement to oust them? Where is the mass exodus of dues paying members? Why is it the only place we hear all of the “I want Saturday off” whining is on anonymous web site comments?

  • common sense

    Rick- you can’t be serious- just because Obama’s been disappointing, the union should have backed the teabaggers? People who don’t just want to end six day delivery, but want to lay off hundreds of thousands of postal workers and eliminate your fringe benefits? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense!

  • family guy

    Common sense. By the way one my post , I mentioned calling NALC headquarters. Got no answers or anything else. You try and call. Then come on back and talk some more and tell me and everyone else all the information they gave you. Here is what it will look like.
    ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?. And that’s it folks
    And P.s. common sense. The union absolutely egoism keep us informed about every little thing and everything.
    Just look what happens to the clerks. Because some top union officials kept the small peons in the dark until it was to late to speake up. Just ask any clerk that has been around a while. I am not picking on ya common sense. But some of your comments aren’t makin any sense.

  • common sense

    I don’t have any need to call NALC HQ- why would I? What exactly is it that you want them to tell you? Like I told you- an arbitrator is going to give NALC what the APWU settled for- everyone except you already understands that. Why do you think the negotiators need to run every point by you first? The members chose the leadership to negotiate the contract- they didn’t choose you.
    And you still haven’t answered my question- if the leadership is so out of touch, why is there no grassroots movement to oust them? Why is there no mass exodus from the NALC? Why is it that we just have anonymous whiners like you claiming someone should have telephoned you to check on how they should negotiate the contract for everyone else.
    They would already know what your advice is- hop in bed with management and lay off as many people as it takes to make sure YOU get Saturdays off!

  • family guy

    Well common sense. It’s been real. It’s raining here so I guess I am just board. That’s why I am talking with you. But just so you know I do make the nessesary phone calls to where they and or I feel they need to be directed to. Weather it be to my congressman or congress woman. And yes common sense I do voice my opinion to the higher ups. Union officials, management, and congress. I place my vote. And that’s it. May not get my leadership in. But like I said. I pay dues, cast my votes, so that said. I have the right to speake out. And you are so wrong about the unions and the information that they should be passing on to there membership.

  • common sense

    Who ever said you didn’t have the right to speak out? I know I didn’t. I just asked you some questions- and you can’t answer them, obviously.

  • Rick

    Common sense, the point isn’t Obama, its the fact they actually came out and said we know better than the membership. I never signed on to be spoon fed what I need. I pay them, they work for us, we tell them what we want and they go to bat for us. So tell me, who runs the NALC, the big shots or the members, have they sent anything out to vote on for this contract to even see what we wanted….no? Point made.

  • common sense

    When did the NALC leadership “come out and say we know better than the membership”? The membership elected the leadership. They didn’t elect you or “Family Guy”. You guys are anonymous people who post on this web site. You may or may not be NALC members- for that matter, we have no way of knowing if you’re actually postal employees at all! Why would the NALC leadership be expected to listen to you? NALC members get to vote for their union leadership. They are the only ones who get to have a say- if you actually ARE a union member (which doesn;t seem likely), you’ve had your opportunity to vote. Apparently your side (the management side) lost.

  • Guest

    HonestEight is correct; I agree with you 100% HonestEight…the SS Supplement and other retirement matters for FERS are the most important things right now.The Republicans in the House stealing our FERS retirement is the most important matter NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Joe Smith and dougie are also correct; I agree with you guys 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    When? Prior to the election a letter was sent to the nalc stating that a large number
    did not support Obama. This was the same time I was the local PRESIDENT. People like you let the NALC walk all over its members. this was replied to in the Postal record and is a matter of record .you talk about getting a vote, do you recall getting a ballot to elect the latest Pres.? Cause nobody I know did

  • Rick

    Commonsense, we have no way of knowing if you are a member either but it sure seems that you are trying to push the same unpopular line that the big shots are so maybe your one of the national guys coming on here and trying to defend your ideas like your one of us actual paying dues members who work for a living instead of pulling a salary of those of us who carry a route every day

  • common sense

    Rick- it doesn’t matter if I’m a member or not- I’m not the one claiming that I know better than the NALC membership, who elected the current leadership. You don’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that the members of the NALC elected the leadership of the NALC to speak for them- they didn’t elect you.
    My point is that the members of the NALC back the leadership- if they didn’t, don’t you suppose there would be some kind of movement to replace the leadership? Where is it? Why is it that the only place you hear people claim that the NALC leadership is out of touch is on anonymous comment forums?
    “The same unpopular line”? If it’s so unpopular, where is the outcry from the members? And as far as “big shots” go, you seem to be happy to swallow what management tells you as long as you get Saturday off, right?
    “Prior to the election a letter was sent to the nalc stating that a large number did not support Obama.”
    So? A letter from whom? Someone sending a letter means the NALC should back the people who think the USPS should be put out of business completely? If you don’t like what the leadership does, elect delegates to the convention who will do what you want- including hopping into the sack with Donahoe on cutting jobs so you can have Saturday off, and backing Darrell Issa and Dennis Ross. Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re right!

  • Rick

    this will be my last post so answer the question I asked in my last post, did you receive a ballot to elect the last NALC president, if you did your point is valid, if you did not, well then I guess you’ll believe anything they tell you.

  • common sense

    Rick- this will be my last post so answer the question I asked in my earlier posts: If the leadership is so out of touch, where is the grassroots movement to oust them? Where is the mass exodus of dues paying members? Why is it the only place we hear all of the “I want Saturday off” whining is on anonymous web site comments?

  • rosie

    Why would anyone receive a ballot if no one ran against him? Anyone could go to any of the conventions if they follow the procedure to become a delegate. Our NALC Leadership is Top-Notch bar none! They try to get us involved in every way possible but there are always those folks on the side-lines doing nothing but crabbing and complaining. Heaven forbid they should show up at a Union meeting or run for Shop-Steward. That would be too much work for them! There are those in private business who want us to fail. Do you think it’s because they can do the job better for less? No…it’s because they see a cash cow that they would like to exploit. Lieberman wants 11 Billion of overpayments to be able to offer incentives for people to get out! Give me a break! Why not give that 11 Billion and the rest of the 75 to 80 Billion back to the USPS so we can better ourselves and our service! If all of these people leave, who exactly is going to get the mail out? As it is there are people working overtime and management is doing everything that they can so that they won’t lose a maximization grievance when our Part Time folks are working over 39 hours a week! Our Union is awesome and if you have such a problem with it, get off of your butt and make it better!

  • common sense

    rosie- save your breath- Rick isn’t really interested in all of that- he just wants Saturday off. He doesn’t care about anything else, or anyone else besides Rick.

  • Rick

    funny but I never said anything about sat.