NAPS wooing postmasters?

From NAPUS President Bob Rapoza:

NAPUS President, Bob Rapoza has issued a message to NAPUS members in response to a mass mailing that was sent to Postmasters this week from the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS,) inviting Postmasters to join the supervisory organization. The Postal Service does not recognize NAPS as a representative for Postmasters in the consultative process for planning and developing pay policies and schedules, fringe benefit programs, and other programs relating to Postmasters.

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    aw, the poor babies at NAPUS and NAPS are
    having some internal fits and whining
    tantrums. poor babies. they used to get such
    pleasure when the usps brass told them to screw over the craft employees. now, they
    might also be gettin a screwin’ by the same knuckleheads they once put on a pedestal.
    my heart bleeds for them poor souls. its not much fun dealing with incompetent liars when your the recipient, is it boys?
    it seems to me that NAPS is very much like the
    supervisory knuckleheads they ‘serve,’ lazy, incompetent, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. take a nappy poor fellas and i’ll prepare you some warm milk and get you all some vaseline…your gonna need it…….lol