VER announcement coming?

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I know this is off-topic here…but…this morning I checked the liteblue Workforce Connection page for any news of a VER and it WAS listed there. On the left side of the page just above Quick Links (there’s a big blank spot there now) was a section titled “2012 special incentive”. It had 3 links below it: VER/incentive FAQ’s, How to apply, and Retirement videos. None of the links worked, they took you to the address change page. But it was there! I printed it out so I have proof. When I checked a while later, it was gone.

  • Scout

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Get me out of here.

  • M. Jamison

    March 15th will be sixty days from May 15th – the amount of notice necessary for post office closings. If the Postal Service follows form as it did with the plant closure announcement then one would expect an announcement with respect to post office closures. Given that the Postal Service has initiated a self-imposed time frame of May 15th until prior to the election for closures, it follows that they will try to stuff as many closures into their time frame as possible.
    A RIF process is mandated for EAS and non-union employees and that will have to begin rather soon if the other timelines are adhered to. Part of the RIF is likely to be a VERA and also likely is an incentive of some variety. Given the limited cash flow an incentive would almost certainly have to be limited to EAS postmasters and supervisors who would be impacted by the plant and small office closings.
    If they are serious about closings and intend to stay within the proposed timelines then something must be announced prior to April 1st.

  • Frank St John

    I’m confused. Last year the PMG notified Congress that by summer, if nothing were done, the USPS would be out of money–no money to pay employees, no money to pay vendors and suppliers. By last word, Congress has not agreed to return any overpayments to the USPS from FERS or CSRS. Where will the money come from for incentives to encourage people to leave?

  • mark

    NOT TRUE!!! I saw the “VER” posting last week. It was for the old one.

  • give me a break

    Let’s finally see some smarts. Give all CSRS employees the early out with incentives. It’s about time the Letter Carriers get shown the money. Let us go too!

  • admin

    Frank- all of the dates that you’ve seen for when the USPS will run out of money have been more or less accurate- but they were based on the USPS actually making the required payments to the “trust funds”. Since Congress has put off those payments several times now, the USPS still has plenty of money to pay its bills. And a VER is not an incentive- it’s just an offer of early retirement. I suspect the USPS has enough to cover a limited incentive for managers and supervisors, which is what this VER is rumored to be aimed at. If network redesign and 5 day delivery get approved by Congress, the assumption is Congress will provide funds for more extensive incentives, probably by returning some of the billions in pension overpayments.

  • James

    This is an election year who will get all the mailings done if they close the plants and drop the delivery time standards. Dah

  • Hartford Employee

    I know for a fact that there will be a huge meeting for the northeast area plant managers Thurs. Given by the Northeast area Director.
    FYI EAS will get the incentives first.

  • Wake up

    Knowing the postal service they’ll use the overpayment money craft employees made (if returned)to give managers a buy out

  • give me a break

    No kidding!

  • craft director

    Offer me 20k and I will separate….you will never have to pay me again.

  • Mailmover

    @ Jamison … you do mean non craft non union employees…. all non union craft employees are covered by their craft’s contract by law

  • reagan

    Letter carriers are long over due, but that would make too much sense, to make room for clerks, they have other plans to do nothing.

  • craft director

    Before all is said and done…. many clerks will have to become carriers if they want to stay employed with the company.

  • give me a break

    They already know what they are going to offer. Just get on with it…

  • Bill

    Are you people that hard up that 20 grand will make that big of a difference in your life? Way to prepare for retirement!

  • Postal2

    The House of Representatives already passed a bill (still needs to pass the Senate) to eliminate the Social Security Supplement if FERS people don’t retire by 2013. That alone will make some people go, just to keep their supplement.

    NAPS has already stated they were trying to negotiate an incentive, but it could be just time, or money with payments and a delay like the clerks got. That was money they would’ve been paid during the time they were waiting for the payment….

  • rich

    I think I read somewhere that October 2012 we will definitely be out of money if we don’t get help. My guess is that the PMG is going to try his best to get us to November when we will know who is going to control Washington. If it’s the republicans we will be torn apart. First the union contracts will be gone. Then whoever they have been wanting to get rid of will be gone. Benefits will be gone. Wages will be cut and most likely we will end up being privatized. If the democrats take control they will use the overpayments to right the postal service. I don’t think the PMG really cares either way because either of these solutions work for the PMG. I think he is in favor of the republicans taking control so that he will have complete control. No more unions to deal with, fire anybody anytime he wants for anything or just because. Low wages and no benefits. If you think Obama supporting 5 day delivery is bad you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait till the republicans take over you’ll wish you probably still had a job with the postal service if it’s even still called that. So who are you gonna vote for? Better start thinking about your family and stop worrying rather gays have rights or not. Or if women have the right to abortion or not. Or paying a little more in taxes to fight these stupid wars you guys love to fight. This stuff means nothing. Your families are everything. But they will be nothing if you are left with a low wage or unemployed. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!

  • deb

    Geez Rich, I think we can think about womens rights and everything else. We all have the capacity to think about more than one thing at a time. lol. Bill, it would be nice to get an extra 25,000. I would leave without it if they offered the vera cuz there would not be a penalty for early retirement. You guys are kind of judgemental. Let’s focus on the good and hope for the best

  • Jim

    Well said Rich. Mr. Issa will gut all benefits and do away with are bargaining rights to keep the 5.5 billion coming every year to pay for those health benefits that won’t exist for those workers that haven’t been born yet. And you thought Postal Logic was screwed welcome to the big leagues.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Maybe we need to strike like they did in the 70’s to wake people up.

  • donieray

    left 2009 and it has been Great”””””””” to be Retired doing what momma says!!!!!

  • pleasego

    “Are you people that hard up that 20 grand will make that big of a difference in your life? Way to prepare for retirement!”

    I agree with you 100%. I am amazed at how many people are so unhappy working for the USPS, but sit around and collect a paycheck and also want 20K incentive to leave. As Bill has stated, way to prepare!!

  • fuzz

    Information received from credible sources in both the NEA and headquarters is the VERA will be for EAS (possibly only PM’s) and clerks. That is all. There will be no carrier VERA…

  • WHy

    Forget money the best incentive is consolidation/relocation of your plant/office. You’ll either have to relocate, drive further or actually have to work again when everyone else is gone. Or wait until the high five instead of the high three for computing payout is enacted.

  • Okie

    I think an incentive would be great…just a bonus…I have 26 years in already and I would consider leaving if I could leave without a deduction of any kind. I am not old enough to retire…I still have 9 years to go…so if they offer VERA…without any penalties…to EAS Postmasters…I maybe one of those on the list…

  • Rob

    At best, the USPS’s Personnel Dept. is grossly incompetent. One (CSRS) carrier in my office, retired and waited over a year for his pension checks to start. He lost his house due to foreclosure while waiting. (True story). Can you imagine how long it would take if Personnel were deluged with, and had to process 10’s of thousands of retirement applications all at once? Do you actually think the the USPS has thought about that? I don’t!

  • craft director

    I have 25 years in and I am only 50. I like my job and do it well. But when you see people being charged with Awol for being 10 minutes late, one can only wonder what is to come. The company has absolutely no loyalty to its employees unless you are in management. And many craft employees have no understanding of solidarity. They make deal with the bosses and narc on their co-workers. They vote for idiots like Issa and Ross and look where that puts us.

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  • Realist

    Postal2 – Does the House bill state Social Security supplement will stop for FERS or CSRS employees if they do not retire by 2013? Because the USPS has always wanted to get all of the CSRS employees out first. Confused.

  • William Caldwell

    The PMG is out of here when he gets his high three. They want the general public to use the internet such as click and ship. Why are they making a big deal over the WTIL?? To many delivery unit EAS are stressed to the max. Their are so many sick calls from clerk craft and EAS, it is crippling the units.

  • jayne

    I just wish they would make the announcement so all the speculation would end. My husband is 52 with 29 years 4 months. With or without a cash incentive he is taking VERA if offered. The penalty for age amounts to something around $100 +|-. We have preparred and we can live on his plus my retirement income. There are people raising families on less

  • stacy

    I would like to know just how the PO could make any cash incentives when they are already starting to close offices because of the lack of money to keep them open. you have to think that alot of us who have 2 years to go for age and over 30 years would most likely go without any hesitations they would not be able to offer any cash because of all the mast exits just give me my full retirement (31yrs) and I will go the very minute they approve it!!

  • Andy 1972

    Issa and Ross are a lot of things but they’re not idiots. They mean to shut down the USPS and sell it off to UPS. If you are a Postal Service employee and you vote for people like them you can lose your job and in an indirect way you deserve to lose your job.

  • el beto

    I do not think that the bill for removing the social security supplement for employess under the fers system will be approved by the Senate. Why aren’t FERS employee being offered any buyouts like the CSRS employees? I bet the USPS would get a lot more employee retirements than they would expect out of just offering CSRS employees buyouts. $20,000 offered in two payments would definitely make a lot of FERS employees with 30 yrs. or less retire. Think about it 20,000 employees retiring and all for just under half a billion dollars.

  • bob

    I read that they will offer the carriers somthing only after the contract is settled. They said probaly late summer

  • Paula

    First off it is illegal to strike. Anyone remember what happen to the air traffic controllers. Also management has contributed to the over payments to so why should the people in the ivory tower that never touch the mail get the buyouts, they got us here all they should get is the boot

  • While I’m Waiting

    52 years old, 28 years in P.O., FERS. I’ll take any offer, no offer, or pay THEM $5 grand to let me go!