Postal Supervisors: Congress is Causing the Postal Service’s Problems

NAPS Leg/Reg Update – March 9, 2012

Postal Supervisors: Congress is Causing the Postal Service’s Problems

A new survey by the National Association of Postal Supervisors shows that managers and supervisors in the United States Postal Service believe that Congress is the foremost problem standing in the way of the Postal Service, either because Congress has interfered too much in postal affairs, or failed to enact necessary reforms to fix the Postal Service’s financial crisis.

Postal reform legislation remains stalled in Congress and the Postal Service, as a result, is preparing to reduce mail service to households and businesses and close thousands of post offices and mail processing plants later this summer.

The continuing lack of action on Capitol Hill on postal reform legislation has triggered high levels of concern by postal managers about the future of mail service and considerable anxiety about their own job future, the NAPS survey shows.

“The nation cannot afford to wait any longer for Congress to act,” NAPS President Louis Atkins warned. Atkins said that six-hundred members of the National Association of Postal Supervisors will visit Capitol Hill on March 13 and 14 to press House and Senate lawmakers to enact sensible postal reform legislation.

The NAPS survey, conducted among more than 2,000 postal managers, supervisors and postmasters, shows that the greatest number of respondents – 34 percent — believes Congress is the foremost problem facing the Postal Service, among an array of challenges. Given that attitude, one in three survey respondents described themselves as “not at all confident” in the future of the Postal Service and 86 percent reflected anxiety about their employment future. Smaller numbers cited leadership failure by top USPS management officials (19 percent) and bad management practices (17 percent) as their greatest concern. Only four percent identified the internet as the greatest problem currently facing the Postal Service.

A sizable majority of postal managers were worried about Postal Service plans to eliminate overnight delivery of First Class Mail and reduce delivery standards. Sixty-six percent feared those plans would hurt the Postal Service in the long run. A strong majority (71 percent) favored an alternative approach, growing in popularity on Capitol Hill, that would preserve current delivery standards and keep more mail processing facilities open, while cutting costs through reductions in operations and personnel.

For the past two years, the United States Postal Service has suffered more than $13 billion in losses, triggered largely by a Congressional mandate, imposed in 2006, requiring the Postal Service to prefund its future retiree health benefits. No other federal entity is required to prefund future retiree health benefits.

The NAPS survey was conducted among more than two-thousand postal managers, supervisors and postmasters from February 26 to March 7. Nearly 30,000 active and retired postal supervisors, managers and postmasters belong to the National Association of Postal Supervisors.


    idiot supervisors and postal management is the problem! talk about the pot calling the kettle black. congress is a bunch of incompetent, corrupt, lazy morons. unfortunately, postal managers / supervisors are even worse! so shut your mouth atkins and do as clueless donahoe tells you to do. you clowns followed this knucklehead donahoe blindly for years, now see where that leads ya!


    There are good and bad in all craft and management levels ,the gang of 38 excluded , but finally more and more people are realizing the major problem, post office is designed to break even which it does in spite of overly generous discounts to major mailers . now let take 5 billion off the top .

  • postman

    well, i have had atleast 50 to 75 supervisors since i started in 2005 and that doesnt count the 15+ postmasters. atleast half of them spent weeks at the local holiday inn. we buy their food and pay them mileage to visit home every weekend. you tell me whos cheating the postal service.

  • Kwa

    32+yrs. Management is the whole problem. I have Seen them miss manage to loose 16,000 dollars plus all money paid to investigate. Then they let them retire & are still paying 10 yrs latter for bad management. Postmaster took funds from the safe for personal use then retired. Management is like the catholic church. Manager fired carrier illegali they promote him.Case went court PO. Had to give job back + back pay legal fees. No body policing management. Don’t allow them to destroy the PO.

  • jo

    The main problem is that there are still far too many in management with far too much overtime.In years past many suspect jobs were given to “friends” and when the current crisis hit, the house of cards fell and the chickens came home to roost.If this fact isn’t discussed mor than it is then the workers will be used as scapegoats and will get more overburdened routes.




    you see there is a price to pay by becoming a postal manager or supervisor. they get paid good money to just watch people work. they would drink their coffee and huddle in their little groups just laughing and having a good time while our body is hurting trying to process the mail. i wonder what they are saying now when the huddle in their little groups. i bet they are not laughing. they deserve all the the stress that they are enduring. now they want to march on capital hill to try to protect those overpaid waste of postal revenue jobs. if someone on capital hill is reading this. please just ignore those overpaid,lazy,desperate intruders that call themselves managers.

  • Charles J.

    I Retired 11 days ago, after being a Carrier for 33 years. Worked with both Great PM’s and Supervisors and worked for some that were piss poor. Congress is a major problem and has been a problem for many years. One of the worst anti PO Congressman is Newt Gingrich. And now he is running for President. ALL employees of the PO need to work as a TEAM. Even if your COACHES (Managers above you) are Clueless at times.

  • unforgiven

    bryant, it is congress that is at fault, both democrats and republicans. the democrats in congress had control of the house, senate and white house after the last Presidential election and refused to act to stop this situation from developing. the crisis was already developing and congress was told and the democrats and President still ignored the issues. So place the blame where it belongs, on congress, democrats and republicans.

  • family guy

    Stuey for PMG.

  • Steve

    Well let’s lay the blame where the blame needs to be. Yes it’s Congress who has screwed up things for the Postal Service. But the Postmasters and stupid visors should man up and take the blame as well. They freely admit things they are asked to do are costly and make no sense. But they do it anyways because they are afraid of committing career suicide. These idiots are just puppets that are afraid to stand up for what they believe. Oh yeah and don’t forget to throw out any suggestions that might actually make sense. I am sorry but I have never in my entire life worked for so many morons. Our glorious Postmaster General is nothing but a clerk who attended college while working for the company. One day he decided to kiss ass, go to college and one day run this industry. Well kudos for obtaining his dream. But one thing he didn’t realize was that he had to actually know what he was doing. The one thing he will be famous for is running a billion dollar industry into the ground. PMG Dumb Ass needs to be brought up on charges and thrown into jail. Karma is a bitch.