Congresswoman Announces Legislation To Cap USPS Executive Pay

In Letter to Chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, Hochul Calls for Cap On Salaries & Bonuses for Postmaster General and Executives, While Local Processing Facility Remains In Jeopardy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Kathy Hochul today announced plans to introduce legislation limiting compensation for executive officers of the United States Postal Service to the same level of pay as the President’s Cabinet.

“American families all over this country are struggling to get by, the William Street Processing Center in Downtown Buffalo is in danger of shutting down, and 700 postal employees in Western New York are at risk of losing their jobs, but for some reason we are still providing the Postmaster General and other executive officers at the U.S. Postal Service with bonuses and salaries greater than that provided to the Secretary of Defense” said Congresswoman Hochul.  “In these tough economic times, Western New Yorkers are making necessary sacrifices and cutting back, and they expect their public servants to do the same.”

In 2006, a law was enacted providing senior officers of the USPS with salaries up to 120% of the Vice President’s salary, as well as authorizing bonuses for these postal executives if approved by the Postal Service Board of Governors.

Congresswoman Hochul’s legislation would reinstate the longstanding policy of paying the Postmaster General and other USPS executives at the same level of pay as the President’s Cabinet ($199,700 in FY2012).  Additionally, this bill would prohibit the issuance of bonuses to USPS executive officers in years that the Postal Service closes any retail or processing facility, such as the William Street Area Mail Processing Facility in Buffalo.

Hochul added, “The Postal Service cannot make the argument that they need to cuts costs and let go hard-working postal workers when their own management team continues to rake in bonuses and make more than the President’s Cabinet.  The jobs of over 700 Western New Yorkers and thousands of Americans across this country are worth more than bonuses for a handful of individuals at the United States Postal Service.”

Congresswoman Hochul has already written Thurgood Marshall, Jr., Chairman of the United States Postal Service Board of Governors, urging him to limit the compensation for the Postmaster General and other members of the USPS executive management team, while processing facilities across the nation are in danger of shutting down.  A copy of the letter sent to Chairman Marshall can be found here.

  • craft director

    Thank you! This lady has more balls than Issa and Ross combined. And I do mean that ad a compliment

  • postal worker

    Thank you! They want all craft to make sacrifices well so should the upper crest of Management.

  • postal employee

    Do you not have anything better to spend your time on. All of you (and I do include YOU) make to much MONEY. Where is the money that congress owes back to the HARD WORKING POSTAL EMPLOYEES. Spend your time finding which congress person spent our MONEY.

  • gomer

    Does this mean the end of the 25% retention bonus?

  • Nutzy


  • family guy

    You go girl. And amend to that.

  • postman

    now if we could just get them to follow the contract we could all get back to work and save some more money

  • Mike Huny

    How tragic! And Donahoe thought he was worth every penny. LOSER!

  • superal

    it makes sense ,close half of the facilities , take half pay .

  • reogurl

    Yeah, its about time a woman grew some balls and made an issue on how PAEA provided these increased salaries. Funny isn’t it? PAEA has deliberately stripped all of the profits the employees made the USPS and paid off the top brass at the same time. Donohoe is a “hoe” like all the rest of the greedy corporations. He could care less about dismantling this great organization when he walks away like Potter, with his pockets stuffed with millions in salary, bonuses and benefits.

  • joe daddy

    I said all along, give them enough rope they would hang themselves.

  • Chris

    amen!!! For us to close post offices but yet pay these high executives and to even have a supervisor/postmaster in the same small town station is ridiculous!! The post office itself has got to see inside itself that management pay and what management has to pay out on grievances is killing us!!!!!!

  • XX postmaster

    Also it would be great if upper management was by law prevented from taking a job with the competition
    as a consultant or in any capacity , if the board of governors is not allowed access to post office information why should fedex , maybe they would be more concerned with serving the public then themselves !

  • Liam Skye

    Once Congress gets its feet wet rescinding the contract of the PMG they will be encouraged by the support they receive from all of you and they will proceed with rescinding the contracts of the carriers, clerks, and mailhandlers.


    they claim their salaries are comparable to the private sector………..( THE PRIVATE SECTOR SURVIVES ON PROFIT)……..we are not suppose to profiteer as a federal agency…… 2 – junk mail does not pay for it self you can’t make first class off-set for the difference .go after the mailers to pay for it not the rest of the public …….MR DONAHOE you have to go