Postal reform may be the only thing our do-nothing Congress does this year

In the Atlantic Linda Killian suggests that Congress may already be done for the year- at least in terms of actually passing legislation to address the nation’s problems. She says members are content to hold “message votes” that they can use to “rally their core supporters, even though they know the legislation they are voting on has no chance of passage”

The fact that the highway funding bill has fallen victim to the GOP’s crusade against birth control tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong in Washington these days. But there might be one item our representatives can manage to get done in the next 7 or 8 months:

So what does that leave as the major agenda item for the rest of the 2012 Congress?

When Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin was asked by Politico what it can do this year, he responded: “Postal reform.”

God help us!

via Why Congress May Be Done for the Year – Linda Killian – Politics – The Atlantic.

  • JLR

    “Whip Dick Durbin is great!” If the Senate can get the Postal Reform done, as least something has been accomplished by them to show for.

  • reogurl


  • sigh

    Abolishing PAEA will only allow a brief respite as PROFITABLE mail volume will continue to fall. The voluminous yet heavily discounted “bulk” mailing will most likely increase but the revenue will not be sufficient to cover the shortfall. Gas prices alone will erode whatever minor relief will occur after PAEA. The network must be adjusted downward and the workforce must shrink to fit the amount of mail to handle. These are the realities of the world.

  • Andy 1972

    The do nothing congress has painted itself into a corner with lack of passage of postal reform. The billions the USPS says it is in the red is a paper expense. The USPS will never pay the PAEA mandated HB retire fund because it can’t and because it’s not necessary. Still revenue is eroding faster than employees are retiring (that’s been going on for three years now) so something must be done to get shed of about 150K employees by the start of FY 2016 (OCT 2015). Buyout incentives large enough to get an employee to quit a great job with great benefits are the only real option and they know it. Wait for it.

  • knowsomethingaboutusps

    Shrink the worforce? There are about 150,000 who can retire in the next five years. The USPS is attempting to push them out before the can retire, putting MORE American’s out of work, and that doesn’t include the millions who work in the mailing industry! People think! You think the economy is bad now? If some kind of reform isn’t agreed upon, it will be devastating to the econmony! Abolishing the PAEA requirement means $5.5. billion more to keep the USPS running! That accounts for a lot! Allowing the USPS to deliver and serve more products will also keep the USPS alive. Far too many people think that because they use a computer of a hand-held tablet and send e-mails and pay their bills on line that there is no use for the USPS. Businesses will still need the USPS, such as FedEx and UPS. The USPS delivers for them as well! If there were no USPS, I guarantee the things you order online will cost you much more than you can imagine!

  • Matt M

    I’m with all of you, abolish PAEA! Since the 75 Billion overpaid to CSRS is never going to be paid back to the USPS, Use the 11 Billion overpaid to FERS to give early out incentives to get the amount of employees to a proper compliment. The USPS could handle the rest through normal attrition.

  • David

    Leave retiremetfunds alone would like to get something after 37 years of hell.

  • Dennis

    David, it always amazes me that someone would ever work at a job that they hated for 37 years! Life is too short man…..

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Wonder if another 1970 tactic would make Congress get off their asses. Maybe people need to see what it could be without a post office to appreciate having one.

  • Stephaine

    It’s now March. How hard is it to pass a bill that stops retirement prepayments, offer retirement incentives or 2 years’ pay and 5 years service scraps processing plant consolidations, cut executive staff salaries, cut management ranks, and not cut where the public can see it and feel it. I just wrote the bill in 30 seconds, now all you have to do is reprint it and get all senators and House of Representatives to sign it. You can even have credit that you wrote the Bill.