Arizona Congressman Introduces Bill to Prevent Post Office Closures In High-Growth ZIP Codes

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today introduced a bill that prevents the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from closing any post office or postal facility that serves a high-growth ZIP code, correcting an oversight that has skewed USPS closure planning since the announcement several months ago that thousands of postal centers would be closed nationwide.

When USPS officials calculated which post offices, sorting centers and other facilities would be closed, the high pace of population growth in Arizona and other quickly growing areas was not taken into consideration. That oversight led to the recent announcement that the Tucson sorting center would be closed and all Arizona postal sorting would be moved to a single center in Phoenix. Grijalva’s bill would ensure that USPS officials work with the Department of Commerce – which conducts the U.S. Census and keeps annual demographic data – to ensure that no closure would negatively impact a “high growth” ZIP code, as defined by Commerce officials at the beginning of each year.

Arizona has been one of the fastest-growing states in the country over the past decade, and Grijalva said he is confident the bill would save the Tucson sorting center from closure.

“If this is about planning for the future, let’s really plan for the future instead of saving a penny today by costing ourselves a dollar tomorrow,” Grijalva said. “Cutting off economic activity in the highest-growth areas in the country is the opposite of responsible long-term budgeting. This is about saving Tucson and other rapidly growing parts of the country from getting cut off at the knees. It’s as simple as that.”

The bill will be referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

  • Andy 1972

    Raul is making short sighted politcal statements that only show his ignorance of the USPS and his personal political bias toward a bill that benefits his state at the expense of the USPS and therby the rest of the non growth zips. What a self centered “please reelect me cause I do good stuff for you people” egomanic. He should be impeached.

  • dougie

    That’s just what we needed. Another bill.

  • RicardoG

    Asi, se puede, Raul! +++ Thank you for stepping up to represent the community that elected you. // This bill is inclusive, and stands to benefit every high-growth ZIP code in the nation. Yes, this bill will benefit Arizona, but not to the exclusion of the other states. As for low growth Zip codes, where are there representatives? // Our battle continues in the legislature, (@dougie – yes, another bill!). We, (the people), are struggling to forge legislation which preserves our communities, and provides a fiscally-sound Postal service. We can advance through legislation, and our conscientious representatives. Keep your representatives conscientious and conscious, by contacting them regularly with your concerns.
    @Andy, haters gonna hate.

  • Anthony 1980

    Andy 1972, you should be ashamed to show your ignorance on the world wide web, but if I was a betting man, I would say that you are a republican and just doing what republicans do….I work at Tucson P&DC and know what’s really going on….Raul Grijalva represents Arizona’s 7th congressional district, and it is in our interest to keep what little employment we still have in Tucson, here. The consolidation proposal for Tucson P&DC is nothing more than postal administrators in Phx using a national problem to solve their local (PHX) problem (upside down numbers labor hours:mail volume) and in turn contribute to weakening another local economy (Tucson). In case you haven’t done your research before your post…..Tucson P&DC has over 300 employees whose base salaries are close to $60,000/yr….many of us mail handler’s make over $100,000/yr….if you can do the math, and subtract that from the local economy, you may see my point. For more info, ask postal management to show you the AMP study (which assumes over $14million in savings if this consolidation takes place), and ask them what $/gallon(fuel) figure they pulled out of the air (for choice of better words) to factor in their fuel cost for the additional 240 miles times x amount of extra trips that will be needed to process all of southern Arizona’s mail. More FUEL!!!…sounds like catering to big business, destroy smaller economies….sounds like part of a larger plan….New World Order maybe???….lol …If you want some real knowledge about what’s going on at the USPS, take a look at the USPS annual report and do the simple math and see how inversely proportional the reduction of postal management has been compared to the craft employees….Then spend one day at Tucson P&DC and watch what management does in an 8 hour day, then look up their salaries…..then u may see what’s really goin on…lol