USPS, Supervisors fail to reach agreement on pay package

The National Association of Postal Supervisors and the United States Postal Service concluded Pay Consultations on February 29, 2012 without reaching an agreement. The resident officers participated in a teleconference with the national executive board where the executive board was briefed on the offers presented by the Postal Service and the subject was discussed at length.

In accordance with provisions of Title 39, NAPS will file their intention to exercise their rights to Fact Finding. NAPS believe that we presented reasonable proposals for pay and benefits. The proposals by the Postal Service did not address important issues for our members.

We will provide further information to our membership when it becomes available. The resident officers appreciate the feedback and words of support that have been sent to us through phone calls and emails from our members.

via The National Association of Postal Supervisors.

  • larry

    They should get a HUGE PAY CUT what exactly do they do. They look at computer generated stats and try to implement them to the workers. After carriers leave they have nothing to do but answer phone and listen to conference calls about nothing just to justify their do nothing jobs. I say pay cut and now!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scout

    YESSSS! Welcome to our world supervisors.Hope they give it to you like the USPS and APWU gave it to us.Nothing but BS.

  • bob komar

    settle the pay package like this: ASK the supervisors questions about the jobs that they are suppose to supervise.. CLERKS, CARRIERS.
    MAIL HANDLERS….CASE CLOSED.In my office the answer is I DON”T HAVE TO KNOW YOUR JOB!WELL WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO KNOW? Twenty years ago if you worked at any job YOUR boss COULD DO YOUR JOB..and HELP YOU IF YOU HAD A PROBLEM..

  • postman

    are supervisor does a great job, everyday she complains about scans and dois. other than that hope she dont fall out of her chair tommorrow or it could cause some ot.

  • john

    Just like many craft employees, they always taking pot-shots without any merit to what they are saying. Most all of the management employees were exceptional craft employee. Can all craft do the management work?

  • Al in NH

    these are rough times.
    people need to learn about doing more with less.
    for starters…………every employee should take a 10 percent pay cut.
    i would gladly do so to keep us financially healthy.

  • craft director

    Most, but not all of management that I hve ever worked for were lousy craft employees who just wanted to get out of doing any physical work. They “think” that they know the contract and end up costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars of each year. Kinda like electricity…the choose the path of least resistance ….. quick and easy versus what is correct.

  • Salt

    Most of you “crying” about management are lazy and will do everthing you can to avoid doing the job you are paid to do. Get off yur butts and pull your weight. If you can do better…. step up, if not shut up.


    FORGET Fact finding. Management, which is now contolled by the Republican party, does not intend to negotiate in good faith.

  • tony

    I love hearing craft employees whine, especially carriers. Volume down 40%, whah I have 8 hours. Wait until 5 day delivery. 17,000 swings, gone. Cluster boxes every street corner, 900 deliveries. Oh and routers to case the mail, 7.5 hours on the street, then you will really hear em scream…..

  • bad dude

    i hope guy has the right info in regard to his post-if he is right u will see plenty of workers jumping on this offer and the postal service will hit their quota
    of workers they need to get rid of-i can see the 5 years of service time added and no penalty for early out because the post office has resources to do this(over-funded retirement fund 50-70 billion) but i don”t think they have the money for the cash incentive-in closing i sure hope guy has good information if
    so bye-bye p.o.

  • Steve

    Management are the most useless people I have ever met. Our facility has 5 stupidvisors and 6 204b scabs. You want to talk about waste, get rid of these zombies and use the level 7 lead clerk. Big savings right their alone. They want a raise, for what, they get nothing because they deserve nothing.

  • bob komar

    A craft person who KNOWS and DOES their JOB, DOES NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH MGMT..less be one..YOU HAVE TO BE A CHRONIC LIAR FOR YOUR poom and the many other KLOWNS that DON”T HAVE A CLUE!, the positive workers towards mgmt’s great job! MUST NOT WORK IN CT!