Video: Postal Worker’s Legs Severed In Freak Fatal Accident

Note: Although the TV station describes this as a “freak” accident,  this is the fourth incident in recent years where a postal worker has been killed or maimed while working at the back of a USPS van. In 2006 Maureen DePrince, a carrier in Ventnor NJ lost both legs, her eyesight, and normal brain function after being pinned at the back of a van when a drunk driver crashed into it. In 2009 Roy Rondeno, a 34 year veteran carrier from New Orleans, just weeks from retirement, was sorting mail at the back of a van when a car pinned him, severing his legs. Rondeno died a week later. And just a few weeks ago, Columbus Ohio carrier Doug Poole was working at the back of his USPS van when he was pinned by an SUV, breaking both legs. According to the NALC, “He is still undergoing treatment and it’s questionable whether he’ll regain the use of his legs.”

BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBS) — A 31-year-old postal worker died Wednesday after his legs were severed in a freak accident Tuesday in Boyle Heights, police said.

The worker, identified Wednesday evening as Anthony Dunn Jr., was standing near the rear of his van around noon Tuesday in the 1100 block of Prado Street when he was struck by another vehicle and pinned, according to Los Angeles police Officer Karen Rayner.

via Postal Worker’s Legs Severed In Freak Fatal Accident « CBS Los Angeles.

  • Jessie Edwards

    My prayers go out to the family of Anthony Dunn. Please get this right this time for the service that this hard working carrier put in. Justice must be done and more need to be done to stop illegal driving. It could be any ones loved one tragically taken because society wants to take a blind eye for some. Its not right. May God help us all.

  • Chris

    how very sad for his family!!! That is why i do not work out of the back of my llv! Just not worth it!!

  • jim

    maureen worked out of ventnor which is a branch of atlantic city.a couple years ago another carrier escaped serious injury working out of the back of the vehicle.i was working here when the llv’s came in.i said at the time it was dangerous working out of the back.i should have spoken louder but then,hey, i’m a carrier ,who would listen when you got suits in washington sitting behind a computer that never did an honest days work in their life much less carrying mail reading actuarial studies of the risk involved and giving it the o.k.or not reading them.anyone think there’ll be a redesign in the future to get rid of the risk?

  • Marilynn Reeves

    May God be with his family and justice do done.

  • red beach

    we have FEAR all DAY,,,,inside/outside.just pay carriers for be outside with the danger of robbery’s,drunks, the nasty world of America..nobody cares…till u get their eyes to it now

  • Rudy C Castro

    I am a postal clerk who works at Anthony’s station in Los Angeles. I’m also the safety captain and as such accompanied the manager to the accident scene, at her request. After taking a couple of steps to the scene she came back and told me to go and see who it was. She couldn’t handle it. When I told her it was Anthony, she broke down. What I saw should only occur on a battlefield. Blood everywhere. Can’t tell you how numb I am and upset everyone is. EAP counselors, top postal officials, inspectors, etc. have come to the station.

  • Rudy C Castro

    Cont…Both legs severed completely. I prayed he could pull through but died at 4:30am next day. He was a great guy and friend. I’m so angry at the SOB that hit him. Casual, no emotion. Looked as if he was getting a parking ticket. I echo sentiments from Joe LyonsIII, James Parker Jr, and Stepen Carey. I will follow this and make sure the perp is brought to justice! God bless Anthony and his family. RIP

  • The Coach

    No one should be loading or unloading on the street. The LLV’s have been a safety hazard from the start because you can’t access the mail from the curb side. Modification are in order for the next generation of postal vehicles before we loose any more carriers.

  • tony

    Never miss a chance to blame everything and anything on management, eh Jim? ‘It’s Monday.’ Must be management’s fault. You’re a moron.

  • jim

    if you had read it you would have saw where i said i should have spoken louder.if it was not management’s decision to buy llv’s that had a risk built in who’s was it?like my daddy used to say when they get to insults they’ve run out of facts.i’m in ac and i’m not hard to id or find.

  • roxy

    I’m feeling sadness for his family, and anger at the same time. This could happen to any of the postal carriers. I pray that all postal carriers stay safe and don’t let the pressure that management put on you to hurry up, cause you to get hurt in any way. Your life is too important and it comes first. GOD Bless you Anthony and your family.