Inspecion Service steps up security at plants as closing announcements are made

The Washington Post reports that the US Postal Service is increasing security at mail processing plants as USPS employees are informed of plans to close possibly hundreds of facilities:

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service plans to step up patrols at hundreds of mail processing facilities in the coming days in anticipation of potentially adverse reactions by workers as they learn whether their facility is slated to close.

No specific threats are mentioned, but the story says an unnamed official told the paper that “in most cases there should no visible presence of uniformed postal police officers standing watch at the processing facilities”.

Read more: Postal Service set to announce facility closures – The Federal Eye – The Washington Post.

  • hypenspin

    The end is very near. Cash in your forever stamps.

  • zippy

    Vera for all that want to go!

  • Dumb-Ass Carrier

    I know Vera. You should say, “Vera for all who want to come,” because she’s a slut.

  • Glenn Koscielski

    What an insult to the integrity of the postal workforce. It’s bad enough that the PMG and headquarters couldn’t run a mcdonalds, now they are running the USPS into the ground. I have never in my career worked for such a bunch of losers! They are trashing employees retirement, job security and uprooting thousands on a plan to ruin. So let’s send in the clowns to add insult to injury. Donahoe will go down in history as the man who destroyed a two hundred year old American institution. Kudos! Job well done. Next job maybe running social security into obscurity!

  • Steve

    Wow the OIG should look into the stealing and cheating these a@@s are doing daily. Instead they worry about stupid garbage. Well I guess OIG has to pretend they care about something, you know to justify there positions. Your right this company is a joke. Our four fathers our rolling over in thier graves.