Burrus: excessing over 50 miles likely?

As the USPS announces plant closings, former APWU President Bill Burrus suggests that the contract guarantee against excessing over 50 miles may not be worth the paper it’s printed on:

It is assumed that there will be disagreements over the ban on excessing beyond 50 miles, but a close inspection of the actual language reveals that the alleged ban was more propaganda than an actual agreement. The actual language says "that if in unusual situations there are insufficient vacancies available for placement within fifty (50) miles, "the parties will determine what steps may be taken."

via BurrusJournal.org – Editorial.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Just saw a job posting on WorkinTexas.com for a PM relief for $9.45 an hour. Job decription was that of a trained clerk. So they get rid of us hire Sissy Sue from 7-11 and expect everything to run smoothly. Also had mail carrier and delivery jobs listed so carriers aren’t any better off. The last line of posting was former postal employees welcome to apply. What a slap in the face.

  • Royster

    Before saying that the new contract is to blame for all that is going on, why don’t you wait and see if the mailhandlers emerge from these negotiations smelling like a rose?

    The carriers of course keep adding new addresses every year but technology could hurt them soon the way it hurt clerks in the 90’s. As we moved towards automation the ranks were decimated. Now idiots like Issa want to move all of the mailboxes in one neighborhood to a central location, with no more door-to-door delivery. What do you think that would do to the number of letter carriers needed?

    Why do you think the carriers are at their national limit on the number of TE’s they have?

    It could be because they anticipated having a higher number of PSE’s available to them by now, but it is more likely that they know the numbers are going to be reduced and TE’s are easier to get rid of than regulars.

  • Jay

    A PMR is a PostMaster Relief employee in a very small Post Office. So at best, a PMR only works 5 hour per WEEK on PMs days off (Sat).

  • Steve

    Hey Bill, you left during a contract year. You have no right to comment. So lets look at the language (the parties will determine what steps may be taken). Well I read it as PARTIES – meaning more than one. I quess you forgot what that means. You got rich on the backs of us workers. So please stop with your comments once and for all.

  • bad dude

    35 years service as a clerk and 35 years a union member-last contract we did not do very well but ISSA and his tea-party boys were all over postal management for caving in so I DON”T look for carrier craft to get a very good deal at all-NO matter how we look at it postal service is going to downsize big time in years to come- THE postal service has to get rid of clerks and they are not going to be nice in doing it- ONE way to do it it is add 5 years service time to retirement this could come out of over-funded retirement plan(50-70 billion) which the p.o will never get its hands-this will get rid of a ton of of clerks that plan on retiring in the next five years and lets the p.o retain a good base of clerks with 15-20 years service time-IN CLOSING good luck to all who are on the chopping block

  • Marilyne

    What I would like to know is…..why did the Union endorse this contract?? Alot of people rely on their professional opinion, as they can’t always see between the lines. You mean Burrus didn’t know this, before they endorsed this contract??

  • Harold

    I know these are stressfull times but lets put the blame where it belongs, postal management and the Republican party. The PMG is doing no more than going along with the Republicans plan to destroy the public sector unions. Our Union leaders have some failings but there isnot a union out there that would not give their right arm for our article 6 no lay off clause and the employers obligation to find you a job somewhere as in article 12. Most other employeers, both union and non union, would have just said we’re closing the facility and your services are no longer needed. You may want to count your blessings that the union has guranteed that you will be provided a job. Times are tough out there and none of us would want to be looking for employment right now.