APWU: Members Must Continue the Fight!

From the American Postal Workers Union:

The Postal Service’s announcement on Feb. 23 that it has approved 223 mail processing plants for consolidation [PDF] leaves union members just one option, APWU President Cliff Guffey said: We must continue the fight!

“That means getting Congress to act now to Save America’s Postal Service,” he said.

In “stand-up talks” with employees on Feb. 22, managers emphasized that consolidations would not take place until after May 15, when a six-month moratorium on consolidations expires. The moratorium was intended to give Congress “the opportunity to enact an alternate plan,” postal officials pointed out.

“The Postal Service has sent a clear message,” Guffey said. “If Congress does not take action before the moratorium expires, management intends to dismantle the mail processing network.

“APWU members must reach out to their senators and representatives now and urge them to support legislation that will correct the underlying cause of the USPS financial crisis without slashing service, eliminating jobs, and destroying the network of plants and post offices that keeps the mail moving,” he said.

“This is a Congressionally-manufactured crisis caused by mandates in the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006,” Guffey said. “It has taken just six years for that terrible law to bring the Postal Service to the edge of extinction.”

Guffey asked every postal employee to join the struggle. “The folks that got good news should keep up the fight, too,” the union president said, “because the Postal Service was clear: 35 consolidations were disapproved at this time.”

Management also pointed out that the consolidations can only be implemented if service standards are revised. The APWU, along with a committed group of senators, has been working to prevent changes to service standards, by seeking support for  amendments to the 21st Century Postal Service Act (S. 1789), which is expected to come up for a vote in the Senate soon.

“It is critical that APWU members ask their senators to support the amendments,” Guffey said. In its current form, S. 1789 fails to adequately address the cause of the Postal Service’s financial difficulties.

“The amendments offered by the 27 senators would prevent the closures of hundreds of mail processing plants and thousands of post offices, halt the elimination of tens of thousands of jobs, and stop drastic reductions in service to the American people,” Guffey said. “We must urge Congress to act now.”

  • pelican

    hey guufey up yours with a meathook, this would’nt have happened if the contract had the same payscale you sold us out and the future of the pay at the post office 14 bucks an hour with your health plan u suk I just hope the po comes up with a health plan as cheep and burns your arse either way you destuyed the pay and the future , my prediction in 5 yeaRS CLEAK CRAFT WON’T HAVE A UNION BECUSE OF U,

  • pelican


  • Joe Smith

    Yeah lets keep a giant network no one needs staffed with people with nothing to do…

    You know if the Post Office can’t downsize, the next option is paycuts?

    All of it is going away over the next 10 years, fight to keep the members pay and benefits for those still working and get the 260,000 people eligible for VER or retirement a good early out.

    Fighting to keep plants open is like worring about the 1 hour photo booth….. not needed in the future.

  • Scout

    All us window clerks know what is coming next, where is my check, sorry dude should have gone direct deposit because your check is going to be late.