Amazon to begin using ePostage

From USPS News Link:

E-commerce giant will begin using ePostage later this month, making the electronic postage payment option available to its online merchants nationwide.

Initially, Amazon will launch ePostage with about 20,000 of its top merchants, with plans to make it available to all 2 million of its online sellers.

“This is a great example of how the Postal Service is meeting the business-to-consumer shipping needs for the growing e-commerce market,” says Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “This is a one-stop postage shopping solution for online merchants.”

With ePostage, USPS receives payment from one central e-retailer account instead of from numerous partners or merchants who do business through an online marketplace. This streamlines the payment process and reduces costs.

Postal employees should be prepared to see packages bearing Amazon’s ePostage labels — which can be identified by “AFTM” (Amazon Transportation For Merchants) in the payment indicia area.

Reblin said the procedure for accepting these items — whether across the counter at USPS retail locations, on the street with collections or through Carrier Pickup — is the same as accepting items containing a prepaid PC Postage label. “Just look for the ‘ePostage’ on the label,” he said.

  • David

    Are there any advantages for the merchants to use this service over using Click-N-Ship or PC Postage themselves?

  • whistleblower

    I am a letter carrier in Seattle and caught Amazon employee’s shipping to other Scamazon employee’s using their shipping return labels for free. I gave the parcels to the postal inspectors and they did nothing. Scamazon is evading taxes in seven states and do you really think the postal service will see all their postage? Put Jeff Bezos in jail and close Scamazon!!! Before he escapes on his spacehip to mars he is planning.

    • admin

      Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t using an Amazon return label result in the package being returned to Amazon, and the USPS being paid on receipt?