USPS can’t afford an Olympics stamp this year?

The US Postal Service apparently will not be issuing a previously announced series of stamps to coincide with the 2012 London Olympics. Linns Stamp News reports that the block of four stamps depicting Olympic sports that had been shown to journalists last summer has been removed from the 2012 stamp program.

Linns had noted last September that the stamp designs had never been officially released, and that the five ring Olympic logo was conspicuously absent from the mockups displayed to reporters. Apparently the Olympic Committee wanted the USPS to pay a licensing fee for use of the logo, something the USPS wasn’t willing to do. The USPS has been an official sponsor of the Olympics in the past, and has on occasion been able to work out agreements to use the logo without a cash payment. As recently as the Vancouver Winter Olympics two years ago, the USPS was able to issue a commemorative stamp that included the five rings. But not this time.

It now appears that the stamps won’t appear even without the logo, although Kearney told the magazine that the artwork might appear on future stamps.

The postal service’s oddly named philatelic site, “Beyond the Perf” still has a page entitled “Olympic Games”, but as of this morning, it’s blank.

  • cpttuna