APWU: USPS Five-Year Plan Is Doomed to Fail

The Postal Service’s latest five-year plan, which it announced with great fanfare on Feb. 16, is “a warmed-over menu of proposals that are doomed to fail,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “The Postal Service cannot cut its way to financial health. The USPS must modernize, improve service, and offer new products in order to succeed,” he said.

The USPS reiterated its request for relief from the obligation to pre-fund healthcare benefits for future retirees, a burden no other government agency or private company bears. “But none of the other proposals will help the Postal Service thrive in the 21 st Century,” Guffey said.

The broad outlines of the plan are familiar — slow mail delivery, close 252 mail processing centers, shut 3,600 post offices, end Saturday delivery, eliminate 155,000 jobs, and create a USPS-sponsored healthcare plan in place of the current program. Cut service, cut jobs, cut benefits.

“That’s a plan to bury the Postal Service, not to save it,” the union president said.

There is one new idea: Increase the price of a stamp for individual customers — while leaving postage rates alone for big mailers!

via USPS Five-Year Plan: Doomed to Fail.

  • Oh boy

    Five day delivery down from six day would require an immense re-bidding of all the carrier routes across the nation. Many carriers accepted routes which were less desirable if there was a Saturday off day attached. If everyone is to have weekends off, then senior carriers will want to have an option to upgrade to a more desirable location or delivery point route, plus many of the T6 carriers will want to bid on their own route if their position is abolished. Think of it now, hundreds, if not thousands, of routes with new carriers riding around lost as can be. They should ask for nationwide seniority to apply if the shift to five day is made. That would really help people get what they want.

  • Scout

    Dear Cliff, the clerks where screwed with the last joke of a contract.We don’t give a crap now,we just pray they offer an early out and those of us who have paid the price can get off this shipping ship.

  • Mike Shaw

    Headline should read, “USPS Shoots Itself In the Foot…Again!”

  • Rich

    Scout, I know it is frustrating as u know what. Also not and maybe most r not happy with the contract. As it stands right now the employees represented by the APWU r the only employees in the postal service that r protected from layoff. I think that in itself is worth more than worrying about anything we may hate about the contract. All of the other unions have no contract and it appears that they r all going to end up in arbitration. I don’t know about u but with the climate in Washington being as it is I’m glad we have a contract. Wouldn’t want to b the other unions.

  • pelican

    Guffey you gave managment the power to do what there doing you and only you are at fault arbitration would have been the way to go but like the last post said you sold clerks out and future employees out, and all working class out, you set us back 100 years you jerk, Just please keep your mouth shut untill i get my early out

  • Lee Smith

    The APWU President is not the cause of the USPS problem. The Republican postal worker is the real problem. Not one Republican postal worker has gotten his member in Congress or the Senate to abolish Former President Bush Postal Enhancement and Accountability Act created and signed in 2006. This Act was created by a Republican President, Congress, and Senate that is costing the USPS not hundreds, thousands, or millions but billions of dollars. We dont have stop working for the American people but we must march on Washington D.C. to voice our concerns against Congress.

  • Lee Smith

    Guffey did not give management the power to take are benefits, jobs, or pay. The 500,000 employees of the USPS gave this benefit away themselves. We allowed our members in Congress in our states to pass laws against us by not disputing them because we thought that we were in a different tax bracket based our protected jobs status. So what type of tax bracket is a person that is in a unprotected job status a USPS employee that vote against his or her best interest. Maybe its time to blame yourself and other Coworkers at the USPS. Because not only are you going to lose your jobs but if the USPS files for bankruptcy there will be no more Retirement!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    As a letter carrier, I have to agree with Rich. President Guffey did the best he could do with a horrible situation and actually got clerks a better deal than carriers may end of getting in arbitration. To condemn Guffey’s efforts in my mind is to ignore the current political and economic landscape — talk about an ostrich with its head buried in the sand! Oh God! Please protect our jobs and benefits in the coming months and years. The landscape looks bleak.

  • Scout

    Dear Rich, if all our contract does is protect us from lay off, it is not much of a contract.The APWU is not standing by their due paying members.They are constantly giving in to management and letting them break the contract.I dream one day that the APWU will do more like, fight for better work conditions, safety and security, all that everyone seems to care about is no lay off.Sorry Rich but that does not cut it for me and a lot of other due paying members.

  • Customer in Colorado

    Everyone hoping that an early out will solve all their problems needs to wake up. Right now CFO Corbett and CEO Donahoe want the USPS to take over your health benefits and to administer your pension payments. Retirees are at risk as well as current employees with the push now on to change things. Previous comments on these and other pages are correct when they point the finger at the Republican plan to shrink government and destroy as much as possible of what federal workers (that’s you and me) receive in pay and benefits. Wake up fellow employees and retirees. What is being proposed will shoot a great big hole in any finances you have that rely on the USPS. If upper management/Board of Governors/Republican Congressmen can push this through make your reservations at the poorhouse. That is if you can still get in.

  • retired and very glad

    I cannot believe congress has been able to dither on this issue for so long without making a decision. I say answer the basic question about USPS being a service that is essential to a “majority” of Americans which do include those without smart phone or computer. If the answer is yes it makes solving the rest of the problem much easier. But cannot budge without answering the basic questions. Yeah, lots of bad management and lots of bad craft but that isn’t going to end until there is a revolution or worse!