Senate to Vote on Public Service Pension Tax On Friday


Originally, the House was planning to vote on HR 3813 tomorrow; however, late this afternoon it was announced that consideration has been delayed until after the Presidents’ Day Recess.

It now appears likely that the Senate will take up a broad must-pass bill social security payroll tax bill, which includes a section to increase employee Federal Employees Retirement (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) contributions by 1.5% over the next three years. The revenue generated from the increased postal and federal employee contributions would be used to pay for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits that is included in the bill.

NAPUS members should immediately call the Capitol Hill office of their Senators to OPPOSE using an increase in CSRS and FERS contributions to offset the cost of extending unemployment insurance benefits. The Senate plans to bring this bill to the floor on Friday, February 17.

via NAPUS.

  • reagan

    supplement elimanated for new hires,not workers who worked for it for thirty years,big difference between republicans and democrats.

  • pat

    I entered into a good faith agreement 30 years ago, I agreed to work everyday to contribute to my agency. Now when it is time for me to retire you are not honoring our agreement. What a great moral buster

  • Nutzy

    This bill ends the FERS supplement now for everyone.They want USPS to downsize then take away one third of the meger pension. This is the Ross bill the very worst yet.

  • Marv

    So now they want to take our retirement contributions and pay unemployment benifits with it? Explain to me how this makes sense. Now we are working so that we can make payments to those who don’t?

  • Moe

    What is being done is criminal and certainly is not legal. How can you raise payments of employees into federally run pension funds and use this money to pay for unemployed benefits? Every pension fund in this Nation has been robbed blind and is broke. And we chickens keep voting the foxes to run the hen house. Shame on us all for being the idots we are and continually believing the BS coming from every politicians mouth.

  • Occupymovement=Don’tlaughatthem

    We are now working to pay for everything under the sun…we would be better off not working at all.We are now penalized by the 1% just for working.Have you noticed the new trend?All new legislation is funded by ONLY the Federal workforce.

  • joe j.

    if you are eligible for the supplement before the end of 2012 then get out,{ bank your annual leave} take the money and run, i wouldnt gamble and wait to see what they really intend to do. i know i will. at least you know eventually you will get it, but make sure you stay on their ass about it. remember squeaky wheel gets the grease. i live and die by that philosophy, and it really works !

  • joe

    that’s a tax increase on us. If you vote for this I will tell Grover.

  • Lynn

    I’m confused. What bill is coming up on Friday the 17th? It says HR 3813 has been delayed until “after” the President’s Days recess. President’s Day is Monday, the 20th.

  • Don Reynolds

    Any chance we can see what Darryl Issa and Dennis Ross have paid in taxes over the last 5-10 years? I really feel for Darryl Issa if he only had to live on 50% of the HALF BILLION DOLLARS he is reportedly worth. I know how hard it would be to live on 50% of my $55,000 a year….pity the rich!

    When will the 99% get it? These guys need to go…..

  • trouble

    The Post Office pays $1.00 per $1.00 for any unemployment benefits past workers who qualify are entitled to and one of those employees may be you if you loose your job. What the Govt. gives the Govt. can take away and it was Reagan who gave us FERS as a solution to solve Medicare (3 legged stool) small CSRS; the Supplement and TSP who they may also touch. It is not a tax increase, it is increasing contributions (part of it tax free when you retire) and changing your retirement method of calculating.

  • Honest Eight

    Dont forget….that 5.5 billion counts AGAINST the Federal deficit. No wonder Cheney/Bush dreamt this up and Obama failed to cease it back in ’10.