PostCom: USPS to launch PR blitz around its updated business plan

From Postcom:

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe this morning told members of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) that the USPS starting this week will launch an intense communications campaign around its updated business plan. "We need to get this message out now, so people understand we have to act now," Donahoe said. "Putting a couple of pieces together and holding your breath is not the solution," he said, noting that the most recent financial report shows the gravity of the USPS’ situation. "If we do nothing," the PMG said, we will be in an untenable position and with the trends in our revenue stream, we won’t be able to get out of that position."

via PostCom: Postal News and Information from Around the World.

For more on today’s MTAC meeting, see the live tweets from @nonprofitpostal.


    take a look at pmg donahoe’s track record of
    managing anything and then decide if
    you think anyone should follow donahoe’s
    advice on anything. the guy is a bad decision maker who has just about “managed” the usps right over a cliff. donahoe and his incompetent cronies what to do away with overnight delivery of first class mail. the mail will take twice as long to reach the customer!! snail mail slowed to slug mail i guess you could say. but hey, the amazing thing is that donahoe’s propaganda machine claims that the delay or slowdown in service will be imperceptible to 150 million residential customers!! imperceptible!!! you have got to be kidding me. imperceptible means very slight, or difficult to see. donahoe wants to take twice as long to deliver the public ‘s mail that the public sends or receives and he claims the public won’t notice a difference? what the hell is donahoe smoking? he must think his public customers are very stupid or have no interest in receiving good service. with ideas like this, donahoe needs to be fired, the sooner the better!

  • rural carrier

    And I will tell the same lies that my friends Issa and Ross have been telling – The Sky is falling

  • georgb

    usps closed 7 district offices saved 1 billion a year close 35 more save 5 billion ayear

  • wanttothrowup

    I for one can’t believe the totally incompetent people that have been promoted to management positions throughout the USPS. There are no standards, you just have to be a weak , corrupt, pansy “YES” man or woman without any morals , ethics , character, nor integrity and you are a shoe-in to thrive and prosper at the worst run business in the entire world. If there is any chance of saving this once proud American Institution it has to come from change and accountability from the top down. You need to cut all of the phony positions created with no purpose but to harrass the carriers.Remove any supervisor or District manager that is harassing there employees to the point of low production. Stop the abuse its just pitiful, create a positive work enviroment ,not just for the kiss-ass phony employees.