Statement on White House budget: PMG thanks President for recognizing need for reform

From USPS News Link:

In response to President Obama’s proposed budget released Monday, PMG Patrick Donahoe said he is “looking forward to working with the White House and Congress on specific proposals that involve the Postal Service.”

Among other items, the budget proposes:

  • restructuring Retiree Health Benefit pre-funding;
  • refunding to USPS over a period of two years, $10.9 billion in overpayments to the Federal Employees Retirement System;
  • allowing USPS to transition to five-day per week delivery starting in 2013;
  • allowing USPS to increase collaboration with state and local governments; and
  • giving USPS the ability to better align costs while operating within the current Consumer Price Index price cap, and permitting USPS to seek the balance of the one-time exigent price increase filed in 2010.

“Bold action is needed to ensure that USPS can continue to operate in the short run and achieve viability in the long run,” the President wrote in the budget.

In a statement released yesterday, the PMG thanked the President for recognizing the issues. “I would like to thank the President for continuing to acknowledge the enormous value of the U.S. Postal Service to the nation’s commerce and communications,” said Donahoe. “The President also recognized the urgent need for reform to ensure the Postal Service’s future viability.”

Fun fact: The “statement released yesterday” is actually the statement the USPS released last September, when the President included the same proposals for USPS in the package he submitted to the so-called “super-committee”.

via USPS News Link Story – Statement on White House budget.

  • georgeb

    close 35 districts that will save 5 billion a year

  • mike

    A absolute shame thanks PMG and president

  • dougie

    5 day is the way!!!

  • John Smith

    Less employees with the same pay and benefits.

    Not the same amount of employees with a paycut.

    Take advantage of the huge number of employees eligible for retirement in the next 5 years, and trim down the workforce.

    No one cares when a pair of socks, a plastic bucket or a dog sweater ordered off Amazon with free shipping a week ago shows up.

    How many express mail parcels do you see shipped on friday for Saturday delivery?


  • LoEne Lookebill

    I hear about PMG saying we need better money management yet I see the PO wasting money daily. Not to mention we have taken SERVICE out of Postal Service. Why are we contacting out lock changes to another company for outrageous amounts when we have carriers that can do this for 1/4 the cost? We are making our customers wait weeks for new keys and box repairs. Now there is a push o take away routes from carriers and have casers and streeters do the routes. No one knows a route like the regular mail carrier. Do you think the mail will be forwarded properly?? Not a chance!! When will the Postal Service listen to Carrier input before making ridiculous decisions concerning the delivery of mail?? Right now I’m very disgusted as to how the higher ups are handling our service.

  • craft director

    The President sure got fooled on this one…. you would expect that the President would be able to trust the judgment of the PMG. However, Mr.Donahoe is in the pockets of the privatizers.

  • hypenspin

    There are 7 supervisors in the little town of Haverhill, Ma.
    When they get rid of Saturday delivery, will they still be there?
    I think so.

  • bob komar

    The first item Mr. O you should have looked at was the re- structuring of the benefits pre-funding.NEXT should be to FIRE Donahoe and his Mopes for LACK of LEADERSHIP and DIRECTION! If you want my vote AGAIN..TAKE THE REINS and Make the Changes necessary! TO KEEP THE USPS Afloat and THE USA! or be a one time PRESIDENT!

  • Glenn Koscielski

    I am shocked that a President who rode the votes of organized labor into office would come out with such a comment. The public, small business and the majority of local, state and federal know the PMG doesn’t have a clue as to how properly save this service. Along with his vp minions, we are headed down a dead end. Fire these people! Put forward real reform. There hasn’t been a schorched earth policy like this since the blitz by nazi Germany!

  • willie ocasio

    fire all the VP, PM, close half of your district offices, make Postmasters run 2 0r 3 offices daily and eliminate all POOMS and i promise your defecits will be a thing of the past.Also one Stupidvisor per 30 employees. Noneeds to be thing else revised or changed along theway.