NALC contract update: mediator appointed

Contract update: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Director George Cohen announced Monday that he has appointed attorney Joshua Javits as mediator to assist NALC and USPS in reaching a new collective-bargaining agreement. An impasse was declared after USPS declined on Jan. 20 to extend talks toward a contract. Once mediation begins, the NALC and USPS will have 60 days to reach an agreement. If they fail to do so, the issues will then be submitted for final and binding resolution before an interest arbitration panel, which under law must consider all the evidence presented by both parties. Click here to find out more about the mediation process.

via NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • John Smith

    Just do a 30 year contract with 2 COLAs a year and .5% raise per year.

    Carriers pay the same for healthcare as federal employees.

    15% of the workforce temps with the chance to become PTFs with senority.

    No more negoiations until 2042. Save alot of money for the USPS and the Union.

  • hypenspin

    hey John:
    Go back to 1982 and tell me where you would be if they agreed on a thirty year contract then.
    We have to deal with changes as they happen.

  • georgeb

    close 35 districts that willsave 5 billion a year

  • heriberto r

    Let us get back the billions of dollars we overpaid use that to help us get a contract .Also use the rest for the post office to fix it budget.this will avoid paying someone else to decide our contract. Mr. Obama should help save jobs not cancel Saturday delivery.

  • esaroh

    Take $5.5 Billion from ANY business that does not make $5.5 Billion….and you can put them out of business.

    Come on Congress… do the right thing and fix this boneheaded move…

  • Let me Explain it

    Mediation will produce no settlement. How idiotic that parties that cannot agree discuss their disagreement with a third party? If they had common ground it would have been found and exploited. The real aim is to get to arbitration. That is a win/win for management. If the arbiter sides with management mainly, they win! If the arbiter agrees mainly with the union, USPS management can use that to buttress their claims that the process is flawed and Congress needs to void all collective bargaining agreements regarding layoffs, reassignments etc. The clock is ticking….

  • gerald c

    the biggest problem with the post office is that the people running the show behave and operate just like the three stooges, the more they try to fix things the more they screw them up. lets be logical and try not to forget that we are not a bussiness,we are a service to the American People. lets work together,dispose of the dead weight on both sides stop waste, and only then the Postal Service will be succesful.