Woman gets her entire block’s mail for the 4th time

From KUSA TV Denver:

When Geina Horton arrived at her acupuncture studio in the Bonnie Brae section of Denver Monday morning, she found 60 pieces of mail sitting on her desk.

Turns out the mail carrier who delivers to the block left the entire block’s mail in her office. This might sound like an accident, but Horton says it’s the fourth time it has happened since November.
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  • roadking

    not surprised

  • roadking

    they promote poor performance when they allow letter carriers to run run run…..

  • rural carrier

    They promote poor performance when they REQUIRE letter carriers to run run run, or when they put a bottom wage part time employee on a route and give him 8 hours of mail and tell him to be back in 5 hours.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    They requiring all of us to work too fast to do a good job for our customers. Lots of cheif’s just not enough indian’s.

  • cpttuna

    Sounds like that route does not have a regular. If it does not, all carriers should have been talked to the next day.

  • Fed Up Clerk

    Not surprising. There are too many temporary employees out delivering mail to routes and neighborhoods that they are unfamiliar with. And on top of it….pushed to do it quickly or else. Our good service is going down the tubes.

  • Dumb-Ass Carrier

    No surprise. It seems most new hires within the last 5 years or so are conditioned to get everything delivered and be back by a certain time, so this carrier probably assumed the whole bundle was for that one business without checking and went off on his or her hurriedly merry way. What DID surprise me was that the building it was delivered to wasn’t vacant…

  • roadking

    Follow the M41 manual they cannot make you run follow all the rules and guidelines that THEY have laid out and your route will be an 8 hr route if you want to run they will let you as long as you are doing you job and where you are suppose to be doing your job there aint a damn thing they can do to you if that aint good enough fill an eeo complaint…….they will leave you alone then..

  • Nutzy

    The person delivering this address should be put in managemet. Isn’t that what happens when you can’t do any other job?

  • David

    Strangely, well, this may well be closer to the norm over time…Can we hope for much better with what management is piloting now with the Caser-Carrier program? Pitiful.

  • Jim C

    Most of these comments sound about right. Blaming management for everything. A carrier FAILED to do his job by not piking the mail before delivery. I feel sorry for anyone who sees this any other way. I’m sure you folks can prove it was pressure or harressment from management. Who knows, when the Postal Service finally goes under and all the records come to light, we’ll find out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried and who really shot Kennedy. (Probably some poor craft employee who went crazy because he was expected to do his job.)

  • kelley

    I do not believe the story! I am sick and tired of people bashing The Post Office. It has been attack after attack. When the Post Office was pumping $$$$ into the government there were no complaints now the make up these pre funding restrictions and there is no $$$$ and its “the mailman did this!” We are put under such time constraints due to cutting the budget and lower manpower its pathetic.