• bob komar

    Why is Senator Sanders suggesting ways for the usps to increase capital by modernizing the po and introducing NEW BUSINESS PRACTICES!I thought that the po pays KLOWNS to do this!It’s time to run the po like a business SO GET RID OF THE DOPES..and HIRE BUSINESS PEOPLE!

  • Informed citizen

    Another clueless senator. How will you pay to keep all of the unnecessary, but very expensive rural post offices and sorting facilities open into the future. Your need to follow all of your community college business advisors and wake up. You are way, way, way! too labor heavy. You must find a way to justify cutting back tour employee numbers and or holding off on significant new hiring while your company adjusts. Getting rid of a sixth day of delivery, regardless of what day of the week that is would allow you to hold off on new hirees while justifiably not having to lay anyone off as the junior employees would fill in the regular slots over the first few years of the change. Federal laws against age discrimination do not apply to federal employees. You need to use this to your advantage and force out all of those postal employees that stick around past retirement time. Your company offers a decent package and it is time for all of the no lives outside the PO employees to leave. Senator Sanders is right changes must be made, but hunting licenses will not save your sinking ship. When 80% of your revenue is spent on labor each and every day changes must be made to correct this. Congress and the president have an obligation not only to postal workers futures, but to the people of this country that depend on the post office surviving. Eliminating one day of delivery is something every last person living in this country can live through. Every time I go to the post office I see how stressed and pressured the clerks at the window are, just from dealing with the normal complaints, pickups, sales and stress of the environment. I cannot believe that a doubling if those duties will turn out well.

  • Chrissy

    Informed Citizen is very much MISinformed!! The po does NOT cost taxpayers a dime!!!! Those “clowns” working at the po are mostly veterans!! Where were all you ppl that most obviously are jealous of postal emplyees when YOUR country needed you for wars? Yeah when these brave men and women came home, they were told to go get a job at the po!!!!! You ppl talk SO smart! I am a postal employee of 25 yrs. Trust me, it has NOT been a cake walk!! Thank you Senator Sanders for standing up for the good guys!!!!