NAPUS: Senate Postpones Consideration of Postal Bill


On Thursday, January 26, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate would take up the “Stock Act,” rather than postal reform legislation during the week of January 30. The Stock Act bans insider trading by Members of Congress. In his State of the Union Address, President Obama indicated that he would promptly sign into law the Stock Act, when passed.

At this point, there is some uncertainty about scheduling Senate consideration of S. 1789, although the Senate Leadership, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, and Ranking GOP Member Susan Collins would like to begin consideration during the week of February 6. A number of speed-bumps confront floor action: the Committee has yet to file its report on the bill; the Congressional Budget Office calculated a significant cost associated with bill; and there are number of controversial provisions in the bill that are generating strong opposition.

via NAPUS.

  • old clerk

    the controversy is the nalc blocking it due to the 5 day issue in the bill. also the cost of the bill. again the only common denominator in the bills presented is incentives. so resolve that and then deal with the rest later

  • abused mailman

    So the union I have been a part of for over 30 years is diligently helping delaying my possibility to get a cash out so I can retire from the sinking ship-great!

  • common sense

    That’s because it’s the National Association of Letter Carriers, not the National Association To Get You A Golden Parachute By Screwing Other Letter Carriers.

  • zippy

    Let;s have a VERA so many can leave to save other’s would not get RIF or layed off. Why is the USPS waiting so long to offer a VERA?

  • jo

    Talk of postal reform must include the fact that there are still too many in management with much too much downtime.In years past many suspect jobs were given to “friends”and when the current crisis hit,the house of cards fell and the chickens came home to roost.If congress doesn’trealize this then the workers will unfairly bear the brunt of reforms and cuts.

  • Wake up

    If they pass legislation to eliminate the social security supplement FERS employees won’t leave even with a Vera. If the postal service gets contracts similar to the recent Apwu agreement they may offer a Vera as in many offices they can hire new employees at a greatly reduced rate and only give them 30 hours a week. But cheat Vera eligible employees out of the SS supplement they earned and few would leave

  • dave

    For those of you who want to be greedy with a buy out, do the rest of us a favor and just retire if you are old enough.

  • reagan

    Hey dave when you have 30 or 40 years in, don’t be greedy and get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cb196

    Dave, I thought the same way when I was younger. As I got older things have really changed. You have no clue. Lets just let the USPS go private and see how everyone cries. NALC your not going to get everything you want. They don’t want to go to 5 days only because they will loose 20,000 members and all those dues will be lost. They will then have to raise everyones dues a lot higher to make it up and start losing more. This will weaken the NALC. No free vacations for them.

  • jo

    If Marvin Runyon would have had his way years ago and gotten rid of the deadwood in management,our situation may not have been as bad as it is now.

  • common sense

    “NALC your not going to get everything you want. They don’t want to go to 5 days only because they will loose 20,000 members and all those dues will be lost. ”
    That has to be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve seen here. So saving letter carriers jobs is bad? Has it occurred to you that the NALC leadership is there to protect the members, and that means protecting their JOBS? What does that have to do with dues? If I’m a letter carrier who loses his job because of 5 day delivery, I suppose you’ll tell me to look on the bright side, right? “Well you may not have a job any more, but at least you don’t have to pay dues to the NALC!!”
    I think you’re the one who has no clue!

  • viper

    Common sense…you have no business sense. Companies slash jobs all the time to stay viable. The USPS has to go to 5 day delivery. There just isnt enough mail. They cant keep paying for manpower that isnt needed. It’s plausible that a 5 day delivery schedule could create more jobs. That 4 or 5 hours of Saturday mail has to go somewhere. At a 30 route station that equals about three new routes based on a 44 hour work week.

  • common sense

    viper- you don’t make any sense at all- if we need to cut six day delivery to save money, how on earth can that “create more jobs”????
    I think perhaps you’re the one who has no business sense. First you tell us we need to “slash jobs” to save money, then you tell us that removing jobs will add more jobs. Brilliant- where’d you get your MBA?

  • Someonewhocares

    Everytime I turn around someone is blaming management! Tell me if I’m wrong but isn’t this situation because of how the internet is taking our business away. I don’t think it is anyones fault completely. I’m sure all sides have to give up something. I don’t want anyone to lose their job but with the shortage of mail compared to 20 years ago, 5 day delivery sounds like a smart and cost saving idea. Getting Congress to actually cut or get rid of our astronomical payment we have to pay each year would help dramatically. No other government agency is required to come up with it, so why us? I just hope someone does something so that the postal service is viable in the future. I’ve been here 15 years and need at least another 20 to retire. It would be nice if the Postal Service was around for our kids and grandchildren. Just saying, the blame game isn’t working here!!!