• crazy

    PMG agrees with Issa, which is a big mistake that maybe he is being forced to make, but not 100%. He does say he wants to work with other bills to come up with a compromise. Let’s hope that 100% of Issa’s bill is trashed!

  • Frank

    I really think the dumb blond interviewer thinkgs it’s First “Cass” mail. Some of these news desk talking heads are more ignorant than the man on the street.

  • William Caldwell

    How can Donahue not have any issues with what Issa has on his agenda to cut employees jobs and benefits. We can not close the 240 P&DC’s with out hurting service standards. Issa is getting plenty of perks including his kids going to school for free. Someone needs to check this lowlifes background. BTW, who is the fake dumb blond dimwit interviewing??

  • Jill

    Why isn’t anyone calling for the firing of a Postmaster General so inadequate that all he can focus on is contraction instead of growth, losses instead of gain. It’s funny because they always validate his bonuses and salary by the fact that comparable CEO’s in real business make so much more. Well in the real world you would be fired for this kind of leadership and these types of results. Red ink is never a good indicator of good leadership.

  • lovetherepubs

    Our office has 3 people playing carrier supervisor when we should only have 1. They harrass the carriers to death all week and end up paying tons of OT at the end of the week anyway because we are short on carriers. The common sense thing is to stop harrassing the good employees and put 2 of these yes men back on the street to carry mail.

  • moxie53

    Looks like Donahoe is Issa’s bitch. He wants the PO to go down the tubes. I’m sure he has a nice cushy job waiting for him with UPS or Fedex. HE sucks so bad!!!!