NALC says letter carriers blocked floor vote on S. 1789

The National Association of Letter Carriers has told members of its eActivist Network that their calls will prevent Senator Joe Lieberman’s postal reform bill from receiving a floor vote next week. The NALC opposes the provision in the bill that would allow the USPS to cut Saturday deliveries.

Dear Supporter,

Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters across the country, S. 1789 will not be brought to the Senate floor next week. We were successful in delaying a floor vote on S. 1789 because letter carriers called their senators and urged them to oppose the bill in its current form.

S. 1789 is still on the docket, though, and it might be brought up in the near future. Therefore, it is imperative that you continue to check your e-mail and the NALC website for the most up-to-date information regarding further action on S. 1789.

The NALC is continuing to work with Senate leadership and our allies in the Senate to reform the bill before the Senate considers it for passage.

This week, you did your part to protect the future of the United States Postal Service and, when I call on you again, I know you will take action to keep the pressure on the Senate to do the right thing.

Thank you for your continued efforts.

In Solidarity,

Fredric V. Rolando, President

National Association of Letter Carriers

  • David

    Lieberman! “%$#*!” I’m glad the turncoat isn’t with the Dems anymore, anyhow. He thwarted meaningful healthcare reform because he was bought off by the insurance industry (many of them are headquartered in Connecticut) and now he’s trying to plunder the Postal Service on behalf of his task masters.

  • Nutzy

    Rolondo is beating A dead horse. Change is going to happen and his NALC will not stop it.This bill was or is not perfect in anyway.But it is better than some of the others.I will be getting out of the NALC at my next chance.It is time for the NALC to downsize also.It is A bloated union that trys to play both sides of the court.At the present it dose not have the members best intrest in mind.Nalc is just trying to keep their own best intrest first to save there easy jobs.Wake up carriers new leardership is much needed in this union.

  • matyy boy

    Hey nutzy…get a job at wal mart and lap up their non union’re a fool! What have you ever done for anyone?

  • common sense

    Nutzy- if the NALC officers are working against the interests of their members, how does that “keep their own best intrest first to save there easy jobs”?

    The members choose the leadership.
    The members belong to the union voluntarily- if they don’t like what the leadership is doing, all they have to do is leave.
    So how does it help the leadership if they do things that YOU say the members don’t like?
    Has it occurred to you that you have no clue what the majority of letter cariers want, and you’re just interested in what would benefit you personally? Because it’s pretty obvious to the rest of us!

  • reagan

    nalc saved saturday delivery, and now we can lose are pay, benefits, retirement, s.s. supplement, and now they can plan another convention in hawaii, how can they be so out of touch broken back carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jo

    If you cut out all the deadwood in management,the you will never have to cut out saturday delivery.Maybe Nutzy just wants saturday off to play golf with his postmaster.

  • common sense

    reagan- if the NALC leadership is so out of touch, why do the members keep electing them? For that matter, why do the members remain in the union when they don’t have to? You want Saturdays off? Get another job! The idea that “saving Saturday delivery” means you’re going to lose something else is just plain stupid. If management gets 5 day delivery, they’re not going to suddenly get all warm and fuzzy and say “OK, we’ve cut enough, everything else will stay the same!!” They’re STILL going to try and cut “pay, benefits, retirement, s.s. supplement”! And remember- Saturday delivery is NOT a bargaining chip for the NALC. The union can’t offer 5 day delivery in exchange for protecting something else, because the union has no say in deciding the issue- that’s up to Congress, period. Saturday delivery is NOT in the contract, so it isn’t a negotiable issue!

  • Nutzy

    Matyy Boy What have I done for anyone? good question! I was A Steward for over 15 years in that time I never lost one grevience. Because I had the back bone to stand up for the contract.The officers at the local level also made MGT. go by the contract.In the last 5-6 years MGT. has made the contract become A joke.They circumvent it in so many ways.Grevinces are filed and the union plays both sides and comes up with a Half Azz mutual agreement.Routs are adjusted over 8 hours and we are short handed and forced to work OT.It was not like that 28 years ago.The Nalc had some teeth then. As far as I could care less I am within A year of getting out and starting my own buisness. I have licenses and plans on hand. And I will be doing something I love to do.But I do know this the USPS can not survive 6 days delivering bulk business mail and UPS last mile parcels. To sum this up I am sliding out but I have some great coworkers that are young have familys and young children.I hope they have A job in the future.You guys have been brainwashed by this union that 6 days is the only way.Dont believe that BS. And hopefully vote in some new union leaders cause the ones we have now is not getting the job done. I have been Pro union my whole life.And feel bad to want to withdraw but this union seem to be in A bad state of affairs.And to JO my postmaster would be scared to go golfing with me I can be rather abusive and nasty at times.LOLAnd to common sense I dont know how you figure what the majority of carriers want.But from the 40-50 that I talk to it is just about 95% would like to spend quality time with their kids and families.As far as myself my childern are grown and on there own.I will retire in less than A year. it is my coworkers that I feel for.
    Yet this union is fighting 5 days like it is the end of the world.

  • reagan

    nutzy you are correct, lack of common sense, the post office delivered 5 days a week for 150 years, saturday delivery has only been here since 1951 when they dropped twice a day delivery, the world did end and lack of common semse you said if I dont like it get a different job,wow you sound like issa.

  • common sense

    How do I know what the majority of carriers want? I look at who they elect to represent them. I also look at the fact that letter carriers support the union with their dues and PAC money- no one forces you to belong to the NALC. If the majority of letter carriers want 5 day, why do they keep electing a leadership that is trying to protect 6 day? Why do they voluntarily pay money to support 6 day?
    As far as “reagan” is concerned, he chose his name well. Sounds like a senile old fool who just peed his pants: “saturday delivery has only been here since 1951”? on what planet? “when they dropped twice a day delivery, the world did end”???
    But the best line is “wow you sound like issa”
    Here’s a newsflash for you “reagan”: Darrell Issa agrees with YOU, not me! He, along with USPS management, are the ones pushing 5 day delivery, just like you!



  • Nutzy

    Read the CBO Report dated 1-30. Now tell me S 1789 was not a better option.The NALC needs to get there head out ot their A**. Like I first said 6 days is A dead horse. Keep beating it clap and jump up and down for victory.And the future of letter carriers will be eating the dead horse.1789 would of saved many jobs.Fighting 1789 puts ISSA& Ross in the drivers seat.Im sure they are happy Nalc blocked this bill.But the NALC can not see the big picture.No more delays is right also.HR 3813 would
    force carriers to work till age 62 when they could collect SS.3813 is the Ross bill.And Common Sense letters carriers are not the smartest bunch of people in the world.Many believe in their union and never had A origional thought in there lives.If the union jumps off the bridge most would follow.A form of brainless washing!You fit right in.And by the way I did not vote for the current Local officers,or the National ones.I’ll post some great horse recipies for you.

  • common sense

    You really don’t have a clue, do you? In the first place, S.1789 isn’t dead by any means- what postal workers have done is delay it so they can try and get rid of harmful provisions like cutting deliveries. This isn’t some cartoon race where whoever passes a bill wins. If Issa gets his bill through the House tomorrow, it changes nothing. His bill would never pass the Senate- it probably wouldn’t even come up for a vote. See if you can understand this: NONE OF THE BILLS PROPOSED SO FAR WILL PASS IN THEIR PRESENT FORM. None of them. Each house will pass a bill that will stand no chance in the other house. Then they will have a conference, and try to come up with a bill both houses can agree on. Whatever comes out of that process will be very different from any of the bills currently proposed.
    I’m guessing your only interest in all of this is getting yourself a fat retirement bonus. You might want to spend a little time on Plan B.
    By the way- someone as blatantly ignorant and semi-literate as you seem to be should really avoid calling other people “brainless”. It really makes you come across as kind of pathetic.

  • Informed citizen

    I urge and plead with every carrier that wants to preserve their health care and pay salaries to show the unions what we think of their egotistical “Save the -dues-Saturday” campaign. We all need to opt out of the union for a while so that they get the message. We oppose six day delivery not for the sake of having weekends off, but because it is a no brainer. The NALC lied to us and the press for months when they kept stating that the only thing needed in order to put us back in the black was to eliminate the prefunding obligation, well guess what the postal oversight committee proved the NALC to be the lyeing idiots they are. Much, much, much more cutting back is needed in order to keep the USPS doors open and I’d we are not cutting back by eliminating pointless and unwanted delivery days the next logical step is to look at our salaries and benefits. It makes me furious to think of how many uninformed morons in the NALC roster blindly follow the false propaganda of a union who has over sixty top officers making near a quarter million dollars in their own salaries paid in full from it’s members hard earned dues, this is a union that has no problem spending hundreds of thousands of tour hard earned dues on musical entertainment at their conventions. This is a union that not a year goes by without the government catching up to atleast one of their crooked officers for embezzlement of union dues. WAKE UP! Forbes is saying that every last one of you is looking at a minimum 20-30% cut in your pay over the next couple of years. The NALC’s egotistical block of 1789 all but secured this from happening. Don’t just write to your reps asking them to support 1789 you need to also explain to those other postal workers around you as to why it is so important that we support a bill that will help our employer eliminate unnecessary time and money wasting practices while preserving our own way of life. The bills in their entirety are available on line. Please read them and see the truth for your selves

  • Andy 1972

    The NALC and the APWU together can’t stop what’s coming. They can only delay it and increase losses for the USPS which unfortunately will be put on the backs of there own members. They are asking for a business model (six day delivery) that loses a ton of money that 70% of Americans don’t even want. Unless the NALC can get congress to subsidise Saturday delivery with a tax increase they are doomed to 5 day and their leaders know it. Whatever the Senate comes up with it will be much, much worse in the Tea Party led house.