72 year old postal worker admits stealing, hoarding bulk mail for ten years

72-Year-Old Postal Employee Makes Shocking Confession to FOX 26: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

HOUSTON – While postal inspectors gathered evidence, 72-year-old Karen Samford sat in a folding chair, wondering what was to become of her 36-year career with the US Postal Service."People can have mental issues," Samford said. "It doesn’t make them crazy; it doesn’t make them insane. It makes them stupid."For the past 10 years, Samford has been stealing bulk mail, mail that was going to be destroyed anyway, from the Pearland Post Office.She said she stole enough mail each year to fill up a big box truck.

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  • Scout

    Poor woman is sick and needs help.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    This is just stupid. I agree with Scout she needs help. Since it was trash mail just retire her,get her help and save inspectors time for bigger fish.

  • Philicia

    So was she stealing Undeliverable Bulk Bussiness Mail before it made it to the paper recycling center?

  • Bart

    It was undeliverable bulk mail, no address or return address. It is thrown in a hamper and they get emptied into trucks once a week or more to be recycled. If it were a couple magazines that were intended for the garbage I bet this would have been over looked but the postal service is in financial trouble and she had truck loads spanning over 10 years. The postal service sells their recycling so they lost that potential money.

    Does she need help? Yes she does.
    Should she go to jail? No
    Should she pay a fine? Yes
    Should she be fired? That is up to the postal service and union if she is a member of one.
    Will she be fired? Mostly likely yes. The postal service needs/wants to remove thousands of workers.

  • Olddog

    Not so fast there Bart, at many rural offices UBBM goes to the landfill.
    Even at some larger facilities serviced by local waste companies there is no mechanism in place to recycle Postal waste.
    By the way, what should she be fined for?
    No postage was lost if it was UBBM.
    Stupid? yes
    Lose her job? Unfortunately, but at 72 years of age and 36 years of service she apparently has been an asset to the company.
    I agree with Marilyn, let her retire and forget about it.

  • Tsumani

    As usual USPS is wrong about the busiest day. It will be Wednesday for letters.
    Picked up 2x as much outgoing today compared to the past week.

    Friday and Sat. will be the biggest parcel days.